the Age of Unity

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In this universe where Earth Humans reside, everything is enmeshed in duality.  There is always a positive for each negative.  There is light in the darkness.

Currently alongside the chaos and entrenchment in primal fear (which is caused by human attachment to the very ‘real’ fear-matrix – see link at bottom of page for more on this),  there is also progress toward unity within humanity as well as unity between the realms of creation on earth, this galaxy, and this particular universe.

There is much more going on than meets the consciousness of those who are essentially unconsciousness.  Darkness feeds off of fear and propagates itself into more self-serving darkness and fear.  It is a self-perpetuating cycle much orchestrated and used by the darkness to maintain its position – to maintain an imbalance in the way humans perceive the duality in which they reside.

That which you perceive/believe, you create.  Those who know and understand this Law of Creation, use it to their advantage to create that which they desire.  Once you understand this Law of Creation, you can use it to be of service in any way you choose, simply by using your free will.

The Light within duality is to be manifest now as Earth is entering the Age of Unity Consciousness, service to others, and a coming-together of Nature’s Queen/Kingdoms.  Allow yourself to ‘feel’ the truth of this through your heart and read further as I explore the Fairy realms…

“Now during this ‘time’ of ascension they (the fairies) are ready to re-connect with humans and join in re-igniting the spirit of oneness and working in cooperation to advance both elementals and humanity into higher realms of consciousness”…. read entire post here —>

follow this link for —–>
Hints on How to Move out of the Fear Matrix


artists not known, please inform

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