Think About This ….


Some things to think about — and as always, use your own inner guidance and discernment.  The phrase “Conspiracy Theory” was created within the US government (CIA), for the purpose of deflecting truth seekers who were becoming aware of the Truth behind the Kennedy assassination.   And the phrase has conveniently been successfully used since then to control those who dare to think critically and exercise their sovereignty as Beings of Divine Source. 

Following are Some Things to Think About as you exercise your sovereignty.



“If the cabal knows its days are numbered, there’s every chance they might try to roll out every weapon they have in their arsenal at this point you would think. So they pulled the ………  so they don’t really have that many tricks up their sleeve. just the Mainstream media and all the propaganda and fear that they can spread through that. ”   Link to entire article follows below —>

The State of Affairs


The Truth about Corona Virus…


link here to Dangers of 5G Exposed


only for those who are not faint of heart and who can exercise compassion and resist judging the many by the few:


The Invisible Masters Conference – an excerpt of Sacha Stone discoursing on the Vatican


what have you not been told by mass media:



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