Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: the Mystery & Clues – part 4: Dusk to Dawn

Goddess of Dawn - Aurora - artist not known, please inform
Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn

7-5-17 – morning
Today it’s still raining at the cave/mine, a steady rain that I understand to be an important factor. What does the rain mean? It certainly is persistent and it is an intentional factor in the mystery.

It no longer seems like twilight and I have begun to wonder whether our meeting place at the cave during the l’heure bleue of twilight will eventually become the l’heure bleue of dawn – much like an awakening after darkness.

In my inner vision I see a paper – a single sheet floating in the air above the fire – one corner is sort of slightly curled up. It is a document. I understand it is official in some sort of way, and I am receiving a ‘knowing’ that there is something about a seal, – gold seal. The page/paper just sort of hovers above the flames of the fire.

The word “lion” comes in a flash, but I think it was really something like “lions gate” – not sure. Sometimes clues come so quickly like in a flash such that if I’m not completely tuned-in and quick to grasp, I might miss something that will be difficult or impossible to retrieve but I am able to pull this back in and understand it is “lions gate” – so where did that come from/what does it mean?

I have some understanding of Lion’s Gate as an astronomical/astrological event occurring when the sun, earth, and Sirius (our spiritual sun), all come into an alignment activating a portal opening of very powerful Source energy,– but for now I don’t know how this fits with the other clues. I know Lion’s Gate is to occur in about a month so maybe by then I will be able to understand how/if this relates to the other clues.

I somehow feel an awareness that the 5 Elements of Creation: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether have all been intentionally represented in this down-load of information – there has been the element of air that holds the page/paper suspended above the fire, and also the element of air is gently blowing in the cave entrance. Then there is of course the element of fire, and there is also rain which is the element of water, and soil as the element of earth is also present. These four elements are present and then there is also magic which leads me to recognize Spirit, the 5th element, as also wanting to be recognized as being present. This feels like a bit of synchronicity to confirm I am on the right track – only I still don’t know to where this track might lead.

I now receive a very clear vision of someone who is bound to a chair just inside the cave entrance, their mouth is especially bound very tightly. I know and very deeply can feel the connection that I Am this person and it is quite clear that I am being silenced against my will –I can viscerally feel that it is very important that I understand this message.

The down-load of clues continues – Now the image of ‘ 1865’ appears to my inner vision. I understand this represents the year 1865.

I’m also being told there is something hidden in the cave/mine. With some inner feeling of very great intensity I know it’s time for this ’something’ to be released. I feel a very personal and extreme urgency about this,– and though I still have my cup of ‘patience’ tea, I don’t feel like sipping it because whatever is in the cave is requesting my full attention and the feelings are briefly overwhelming me with palpable anxiety.

It seems I need to know that the document, – this ‘official’ document is ‘abandoned’ .

My guide is anxious for me to feel an urgency for the cave to be exposed. I can feel this urgency viscerally. It seems there is something hidden in the cave. 1

And I have a lot of questions.

7-5-17 afternoon:
An afternoon of research and contemplation —

Some of the things revealed so far include gold, gold coin, gold flake, an official paper document with a gold seal, the year 1865. A quick search for “gold document 1865” easily led to Gold Certificates. I feel no hesitation about this finding.  Also, 1865 is the year of the end of the American Civil War and I don’t know if or how this is related to the other findings.

Interestingly many of the few articles I have found begin by saying how little is known about the history of Gold Certificates. It seems that few facts are known and there is some aura of mystery surrounding this topic. So I will be looking further to see what is known and find the missing information.

1 Note:
I am coordinating and writing these notes into format for Ancient Wisdom Chronicles in this “Now” of Summer/Fall 2018. These down-loads about which I now write took place last year, the summer of 2017, and during the intervening months there have been some new insights to tie into this mystery. I will eventually reveal those insights as I continue to pull this all together, but for now know that we will one day be returning to this day’s notes. All things in good time and all is as it should be.

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top image: Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, artist not known, please inform