Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: the Mystery & Clues –part 5: Magic At Work

artist - John Waterhouse - The Magic Circle


My friends did not disappoint me this morning.
First, the name “William” flashes before me.

The name is familiar and my memory tells me that this is not the first time this name has come to me.  I can remember this was one of the first bits of information my friends gave me in that flurry of down-load at our first meeting a few days ago. So much information has been coming through that it has been difficult to record each detail. But I am now realizing that it is most important to record each bit of information as it comes because details can be lost in a flash. Fortunately this name “William” made enough impression on me that the memory has remained and has been easily triggered and retrieved when it re-appeared this morning.

As I do a mental review, it becomes apparent that the primary clues seem to be: Gold, Magic, & William. These 3 clues all showed up in that order on the first day and continue to re-appear. I take this to be an indication of an order of importance.

The second bit of information received today is reference to a “bottle”. I’m not sure how this fits in with everything else, and I think maybe it’s “battle” rather than a “bottle”.  I trust my understanding about this will become more clear as we continue with today’s insights.

Next they show me what looks like a banner, then I understand it is a flag representing power or government.  Something ‘official’ is going on. I have an understanding that the time frame is mid 1800’s.

I now notice there is light in the cave and there are many people in there looking for something.  I am not among those looking but my perspective is that of one who is watching them with interest though not with emotion, just observing what is going on.  I feel calm and confident, and a sense of knowingness and tacit control.  Stuff is hidden and they can’t find something.

I am told “Magic hid it”  –  and that I know how.

Then I’m told that now in our current era the stuff is back inside the mine/cave and a key is needed to access it.  I am also told that “magic” is in fact the key, and that the cave is being guarded by efforts beyond the material world.

I haven’t forgotten that the whole purpose of these encounters with these 3 Beings/my friends, is for me to learn about my soul mission. So as I now have thoughts about venturing to ask a few questions, I wonder whether I should wait with my questions and just let my friends show me what they feel would be important for my mission.

I also somehow have sensed that they can read my thoughts so I try to resist “thinking” about my questions. But, try as I might, I didn’t resist this ‘wondering’ and I’m sure they know and understand my questions.  And not surprisingly they in fact do perceive the questions that are in my mind – they know what I’m thinking, they read my thoughts.

At this point in response to my thoughts I am shown a vague image of a statue and somehow I begin to know this is the Statue of Liberty.

Synchronicity is at work again.

As I mentioned earlier, I have recently had a developing interest in the Goddess Liberty.  I have also just last week received guidance from Prince to seek a relationship with a goddess –His words to me were, “find a goddess to work with”.   And lately I have in fact sensed a developing relationship with goddess energy – just a knowingness, an intuitive awareness.  So at this point, to be guided to Goddess Liberty comes as no surprise though I did have a momentary pause to take this vision into context.

She seems to be saying “You have the power to unlock this”

I ask “How?” then she adds “You will” – “Work with me”.

I feel like I’ve landed in the right spot.  I feel her as being very close, as a part of me, very comfortable, very natural. This feels very authentic though I’m wondering where to go with this.  Then she mentions “We’ve worked together before”.  Now I’m wondering what’s next when she responds to my thoughts with “Ask your friends”.


7-6-17 evening

During evening meditation I often try to just relax and sometimes allow time for contemplation.  I do not specifically call for my 3 Guides in the evening so it was interesting that one of them just popped in during my meditation time and mentioned “William” again, – just dropped the name “William” .  This marked the third time his name had come up in the three days since I first made contact with the 3 Beings/my friends whom I now also think of as my 3 Guides.  So, I’m now thinking this must be an important clue.  And I’m also confirming with myself to not ignore any clue regardless of how small or un-connected it may seem.

A short while later when I finally settled in bed with my stack of books and my electronic notebook, it occurred to me to casually search for William.  I keyed in “gold William 1865” and almost immediately William “Buffalo Bill” Cody came up.  A quick scan through the material revealed that he very much fit in with some of my other clues. I was surprised and delighted that this one name so quickly had become so relevant.

William Cody Buffalo Bill - husky-oil-rugged-american-series-medal-token-coin-buffalo-billHe was connected to “Kansas”, a word/clue which my Guides had given me on the first day.  Also the year 1865  perfectly fit his lifetime, and he had briefly been a gold prospector. Also he was a Free Mason and Knights Templar which are two topics that although not mentioned by my Guides, I have reasons to believe these topics might fit the story based on some information that I will cover as I finish writing the chapter titled “the Beginning”. 1

So, this one name seems very significant and I will add this to my growing list for more research.

I could hardly stay awake and while in that state between sleep and wakefulness so many messages started flooding my consciousness.

There were many revelations that night, — about his life, his feelings, his marriage, his mission.  I remember many of those revelations as they flashed before me, and much of it I will save until I have deeper insight for such personal writings.

However I will add that just as I drifted off to sleep that night I received this message, “He died with a secret”.

It seems my Guides are active 24/7.

* * *

1 I am coordinating and writing these notes into format for Ancient Wisdom Chronicles in this “Now” of  early 2019. These down-loads about which I now write took place during the summer of 2017. However, during 2016 and early 2017 I had received much telepathic as well as channeled information that I have now come to understand is part of this continually unfolding story. And later insights as well those yet to come will surely be parts of the puzzle that brings this story together.

* * *

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top image – the Magic Circle, artist John Waterhouse