Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: Introduction

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: Introduction - artist not known

This story is true …
it is reality,
and though it comes through me,
it is in many ways for and about all of us.

Though it is chronicled starting July 2017,
the story really began much earlier,
and then became earnest in April 2016,
even now it continues to reveal and expand
within and beyond its own boundaries
exposing many by-ways, branches
and parallel stories of their own standing
as I journey on this path.

You will actually follow along with me as this all unfolds and evolves.
I sometimes go back and add notes to portions already published
as new understandings and insights become important.

There are some parts that I feel  should not yet be revealed
— so i  am holding those in my heart and consciousness
until the ‘time’ will be right.

The telling of this story follows a winding yet steady path
that is sometimes told quickly yet at other times  I have asked myself, —
Why does it take so long to know and share all of this?
Now days I don’t ask that question
because  I have internalized the knowing
that there are many reasons and the timing is always right.
This story is paced by my Higher-Soul-Self’s divine plan.

So now,
come with me and experience
Ancient Wisdom Chronicles,
the by-ways, the branches,
her/his-story revealed.

* * *
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