Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: the Mystery & Clues – part 3: Synchronicities

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July 4, 2017 – afternoon 

    I am remembering a few weeks ago when I had come across two articles, one about the God of Gold, and the other about the Goddess of Liberty.  At that time I had taken great note and felt I had found something important.  These articles not only answered some questions I had pondered from time to time through the years but it also felt somehow appropriate that I was reading about this at that time – it felt right.   I will note here that experience and an inner knowing has taught me to see synchronicity where one might otherwise see mere coincidence.  And today I can now see the connection between an ‘incident’ from a few weeks ago and my findings with the 3 Beings earlier today.

    I had always wondered about gold – just wondered, as though some information was missing from common knowledge or maybe everyone else know something that I didn’t and they fully understood a deeper meaning of gold, or more likely they never asked certain questions, or maybe they asked but never found answers.

So I had always wondered but hadn’t searched for answers and had never come across anything that would lend a clue about where such answers might be found.  I knew something was missing and something just wasn’t right.  I wanted to know the essence of what gold is really about.  Please understand that I’m referring to the deeper meaning and essence of gold, not the social, financial, or political issues.

    Also, I had tacitly been curious about the Statue of Liberty but never sought information.  It is also true that I’ve never been interested in the common explanations about history and have always been aware that there is much more to know than is commonly accepted, so on that evening a few weeks ago, learning more about the deeper meaning behind the Statue of Liberty felt somehow liberating.

    My 3 guides have sparked me to remember these recent readings, – so events of a few weeks ago are now finding their intended application today – and once you become aware of synchronicity you will find it everywhere.

    Fortunately I was able to remember where I had found those articles, so following are two short excerpts.  In the first one, the God of Gold offers this fundamental explanation on the subject of gold:

“The term “golden age” did not derive from nothing.  Golden Age means an age based upon the gold standard of the gold of the Christ consciousness, of the golden rule of gold as precipitated sunlight for the balance of the mind and emotions and the flow of life in the physical temple.  Gold beloved ones is necessary for the stability of consciousness as well as for the stability of the economies of the nations.  Unless there be a certain portion of gold in the temple, the balance of the elements is not held.  When people no longer hold gold in their possession or wear gold, there is far greater mental and emotional disturbance.”  2 pp.118-119

      There is a great deal of fundamental information in this short excerpt, and my further investigation has revealed much to support and expand on this information.  So this only serves as a foundation and I will have much more to share on this topic as we move along.  But for now let’s turn attention to the Goddess of Liberty which I was also led to learn about on that evening.  The following short excerpt gives a little background on this goddess:

“The Goddess of Liberty is spokesman for the Karmic Board and representative of the second ray on that Board.  She is the hierarch of the temple of the Sun, her etheric retreat over the island of Manhattan, New York.  The Goddess of Liberty was embodied on Atlantis.  She was also embodied as a member of the Amazonian Race, a people of great stature whose women ruled an ancient civilization where the Amazon Basin now is.  So great was her momentum of dedication to the Spirit of Liberty embodied in the threefold flame of the heart, that after her ascension, this lady master was called upon to bear the title of Goddess of Liberty, denoting her office in Hierarchy as the authority for the cosmic consciousness of liberty to the earth…  The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown of seven rays, focusing the power of the Elohim and their implementation of the seven rays in form, in Matter, the mother aspect of Divinity.  Her crown is also a focus of the seven rays anchored in the forehead of every son and daughter of God.”   2 pp. 186-187

    So, gold is essential to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and the Goddess of Liberty represented by the Statue of Liberty is a very active spirit Light energy we will be learning more about.  And soon all of this will fit together with the information from my 3 guides at the mine.

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