Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: the Mystery & Clues – part 6: “This is Background for You”

7-7-17 morning

It was a rough morning. I woke with a headache and overall feeling of sickness. Often my night/dream time activities are heavier than my day/awake time functioning.  Actually, ‘awake-time’ is a state of unconsciousness while ‘dream-time’ is more a state of consciousness.  No doubt this had been a busy night.

On this morning there was also a situation with the electricity in our house being out from 5 a.m. till 10 a.m. None-the-less my guides were eager to show up and I was glad to have them, even though I was in a haze of unpleasantness.

They had lots to show me and it was all quite different from the last few days. At first I thought I would not feel physically well enough to receive, but as they kept sending information, the realization finally came that all I had to do was relax.

Today the cave was breezy and empty. – sort of abandoned and not in use. Clearly there was no activity in the cave and there was actually a tangible feeling of emptiness, as though the story here had taken place at some other point in time and now had completely removed its energy from the scene.

All the focus today appears to be at a considerable distance from my vantage point, and at a level below and to the right side of my visual field of awareness. There is an expansive vista resembling a desert, sandy and sunny. I understand that there is a city of sorts within the vastness, though this is more of an understanding/knowing than a visual perception. I have some vague awareness that I am being shown a scene in which I am participating from a distance.

Images of symbolic characters repeatedly appear on my inner vision. The words “Egyptian hieroglyphs and “magic symbols come to me. Other words and phrases also come, in the bank vault”, “letters written long ago”, “in storage”.   A flood of information is received so quickly that my memory is working hard to retain information as I try to record/write it. While I write as much as I am able to process, I can maintain only a general impression of some parts of the rapidly received information.

And the bottle from yesterday appears again, which now I think of as being shaped more like a jar. I’m having a difficult time getting the top off the jar. This seems to be an important point – I’m struggling to get the top off. It seems I need to understand that it’s locked.

I now know the jar’s top is made of cloth secured with strong string or rope. The other day I hadn’t perceived the top as being made of cloth, — I had only known that I couldn’t get the top off.

I now notice that I’m wearing a long robe of some sort, the color is white and the robe seems to resonate with a position of authority/nobility of some sort. I am an observer of the scene set below, yet I also have an important connection to the scene. I am sitting cross-legged on the sand and feeling relaxed. Finally more information comes as I now observe the words “1930”, and “Egyptian coins” in my vision.

Then I hear the words secret in the bottle”. After a long pause, the word pyramids”, — just this single word comes to me. And finally I hear You’ve known for a long time – through ages – gold – how to make it”.  I want to ask, “literally or figuratively?” but before I formulate a question I immediately perceive the answer, “figuratively”.

And then I’m finally told,  This is background for you

I have an intense feeling of being alone but I also have an intense knowing that many people know me here in this desert land. Then I see the words 830” & “Joseph”. And as I learned with the name “William”, no detail is unimportant. Everything has some meaning.

Summer 2019 – update:
It has been many months since I last worked on these notes. I had many other projects to keep me busy and I knew the right time would come to return to Ancient Wisdom Chronicles.

Then, this summer that day finally came when suddenly I felt an urge to look over the notes and work on them.

As I was reviewing, editing, and preparing these notes to publish, I became particularly fixed on one piece of information, —the words “830” & “Joseph”. So while I perused the transcript I stopped for a moment and acknowledged a feeling of needing to know more about the meaning behind these words —- suddenly I felt determined to understand, so I made a personal/inward request for further information and explanation. I asked for the information to come to me and that I should recognize it when it comes. I made this simple request to my soul-self and then proceeded without further thought on the subject.

Actually these words “830” & “Joseph” had entered my conscious awareness many times since they had first come to me in 2017. I remember at the time of receiving the message, I had felt that  “830” was actually “1830”, but information was coming so fast that I had trouble keeping up with the information flow and I’m sure I missed a few details. For some reason I never went back to change this particular message in my notes,— though the correction to “1830” was always in the far back recesses of my mind whenever I reviewed the notes. But this time (2 years later) I was being nudged to recognize and correct this information. In fact, it seems this was the main reason I had felt a need to work again on these writings — it was time for me to resolve this information and receive/understand its meaning. I now realize that my decision to work on this transcript at this point in time was prompted by my inner/soul-self. This is the reason I had felt a prompting to look at the material and to work on it now. There was information here that I needed to know.

A few days later I spontaneously did a search on the combination of “1830” and “Joseph”. I received immediate results much in the same manner as I had received information on William “Buffalo Bill” Cody during my early work on these messages/writings. So, I rested for a few days with the information that my key words had resulted in the revelation of Joseph Smith, Prophet and Founder of the Latter Days Saints Church of Mormon. This significance soon resonated with me as I integrated this information into my consciousness along with awareness of my other lives recently uncovered, and those soon/yet to be revealed to me .

clip_image002_thumbAncient Wisdom Chronicles - Book of Mormon

One other note on this day’s message — when I was told You’ve known for a long time – through ages – gold – how to make it, I remember being told in another day’s message that my knowledge/knowing about making gold was both literal and figurative, although my notes for this particular day only reference figurative knowledge.

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