Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: the Beginning

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles

So where does this story begin?

Well that depends …
it depends on where you want to start.
At the origin? or at the point when i become aware?

We can look at the origin which is no doubt beyond this earth plane
before time became time as we think of it.

Or we can start with 11:11 or 042116.

11:11 is a wake-up call from the universe, from your own DNA,
received at a date determined prior to your incarnation.

042116 is the day when something shifted in my world,
so you can say i received a wake-up call on this day also

and the two calls are related
–the rhyme and reason of this will become clear
as the story gradually unfolds.

* * *
And yes, the picture of the eagle feather and the Eiffel Tower
is related to all of this.

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles

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* * *

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