‘Ancient Wisdom’ – New Direction for IPW

Hekates Temple So, it’s been a while since my most recent post on Inner Path Wisdom.  However, I have now received a ‘nudge’ and a reminder that I ‘have much to say’.  And I am guided to move on to the next step on my earth mission.

A point had been reached at which there was no more to be said about the dissolution of old Earth. There was (and still is) enough information available for those who seek, or those who still struggle with finding their sovereignty, or those who still follow the manufactured ‘news’ in main stream media replete with clones, actors, and other sort of ‘movie magic’.

Each individual knows at a soul-level that which is best for them, and can/will make their choices accordingly.  I hope all the information that has been shared is helpful for those in the process of making choices/decisions using discernment and free-will.

For me it is time to now move on to those topics that will be beneficial on a level beyond that of exposing the ‘play of Light and dark’ on earth. It is time to fully embrace the new Earth that is being created.

I have been advised that “You have much to say”. When I asked “about what?”, I was told “many things”. This is my own soul-self that I follow, and there are many topics that I am here to present on the Inner Path to Wisdom.

My name is Mashanya Allamah.  ‘Mashanya’ is my soul-name, and ‘Allamah’ is my title. 
This information was shared/given/granted to me by Archangel Metatron in 2019.

“Mashanya” indicates One who is Seeker of Highest Truth, and Who illumines the Inner-Soul path for others.  The title “Allamah” has much to do with Wisdom/Truth/Knowledge. Often I choose to use the spelling Allah-Ma, a topic which I will explore in future posts.

Wisdom/Truth is my soul’s essence. And for my earth mission, this essence morphs into many roles. As a Divine Healer I carry codes of healing energy to be shared with the Earth and Her many Elementals, Animals, Plants, Trees, Humans, and all Beings. As a part of this role I am creating a site called Ancient Wisdom Temple where I will offer Transference Healing® sessions. Healing will be one of the next most important steps for humanity as well as for all Beings on earth, individually and collectively. There is much wounding to be cleared and I will soon be sharing much more on this topic.

Another major role I am here to play is as an ambassador for the Elemental Kingdoms. This is an area that I will explore and shed more Light on for Inner Path Wisdom (IPW). There are also many other roles that I am currently playing, such Grid Stabilizer, Stargate Keeper, and the role of transmuting negative energy into Light. I will eventually write about those relationships with Mother Earth, Her ascension, and the process of ascension for humanity.

I’ve been on Earth as a Master Soul, – ascended then chose to return – many, many times , since Earth’s earliest existence. There is much to say about the history/her-story and about some of the many stories I’ve played in since ancient times and moving forward.

So I have much to do, much to “say”, and it’s time to take this New Direction on Inner Path Wisdom (IPW). Join me as I shed the Light on many topics and we can travel together through these insights with wisdom/truth/knowledge, and grace.

Namaste, Sat Nam, Adonai,

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Leave the chaos of the world behind and prepare for the Golden Age of Gaia. Join me on this journey and maybe you will find something to inspire you on your own Inner Path to Wisdom.
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