Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: the Mystery & Clues – part 1: the Cave

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles - the Mystery & Clues

“there are 3 –umm- Beings who wish to come forward and support you”
”As I see them around the 1800s as miners in caves digging things up —
go back to that cave & just sit there and ask them to come forward” 1 

July 1, 2017

I’ve been sitting at this cave entrance for a day or two preparing to meet 3 Beings and my Soul-self to gather information they have been eager to share with me so i can carry on the work that was begun lifetimes ago.

I have a cup of my “tea of patience,” and a small fire is dancing in front of me providing warmth and light as the stars are just beginning to appear in the sky.  There is also peace and an essence of violet light in the sky.  I notice an unusually large (about 2 feet wide)  fully faceted crystal nearby flashing reflections of fire and starlight, while up above I can see each planet and star as though they have each dropped a bit closer to the earth.  And each pebble and rock on the ground seems to contain information.  I only need pick one up and let it reveal its secrets.  I’ve been here before and I know I will come again.

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles - fireIt feels quiet – the way I like things, but there is also an underlying sense of adventure and I like that also.  I will one day ask “What ‘s in the cave?”  But for now I just sip tea in front of the fire as I wonder “Is the flame purple?”  Sometimes I think it has flashes of purple, other times I think it has an aura of purple.  And yes, if you want to believe, – then the flame really is purple.

I am here trying to get to know this place before inviting the 3 Beings and my Soul-self to join me, though I sometimes think I’m really the one being invited as their guest.

Perhaps my recent dream best describes the situation.  In this dream I was standing near a dusty and rather old (seemingly ancient) yet sturdy desk that I knew was mine though I also understood that I had been away for quite some time and I was being welcomed back.  There were piles of notebooks of unfinished work.  The feeling of being welcomed back was very distinct and everyone seemed a bit relieved to see that I had come back.  I felt very much cared for and I also perceived that they had a little curiosity about me.  Everyone definitely knew and remembered me, and though I didn’t actually visually see them – I could perceive their presence, – and I was feeling curious about the whole situation.  Clearly I was the center of attention and the only one there not thoroughly apprised of the situation, though I had the perception that I had a position of responsibility here.

The next morning’s meditation found me at the cave again.  I was by then feeling comfortable there and observed that I was sitting cross-legged on very dark rich fertile soil.  I then noticed that the notebooks of unfinished work were now piled up at the cave’s entrance, clearly waiting for me.  There were divine forces all around making their presence known.  And in one lightening quick swoop a large bird resembling what I guessed might be a falcon flew from the cave’s entrance informing me that the books and notes were well guarded.

1  Notes

                                                                Claustral Canyon, Australia - Smithsonian Magazine
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