Channelings and Writings

The goal of this section is to provide the seeker of Inner Wisdom with a background or ‘flavor’ of the types of information and guidance that has recently been available regarding ascension.  Therefore, this is just a sampling that allows you to peruse according to your interests yet not cause you to become bogged down with too much information. - artist not known, please inform

You will notice that the channelings are categorized by the individuals or groups sending the messages. The person channeling the message is always listed with a link to their site and the original message.

These channelings can provide an interesting way to become familiar with the individuals and groups who have been sending messages during these recent years of change leading to ascension. Many of these channelings are also included under appropriate categories elsewhere on the menu. So, this provides effectively two ways to browse information: 1) by the individual or group sending messages, and/or 2) by topic.

This will give some background on the process and chain-of-events leading up to and through ascension from the perspective of the mentors, guides, teachers, friends, and family in the higher realms of consciousness who have been reaching out to those who are here on-the-ground with Mother Gaia.   link here to “Channelings” —>


Under the heading of ‘Writings’ are mostly my own thoughts and understandings as I gain insight during this process. This category will continue to expand and certainly will morph as my experience leads me to expand more and more into my own space.

One of the early personal messages I received from the Ascended Masters who are my mentors and guides is that You have much to say, and when i asked  about what’?,  I was told  “many things”.  And indeed I have since received much insight and guidance to confirm this.  So, as I continue through my own process, we will see to where this will lead with new insights and information on my own soul-mission as it unfolds.   link here to “Writings” —>


Rose of Venus
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