Ancient Wisdom – Pagan Goddess Chronicles

Chapter 1 – the Goddess Reveal

For all of the talk nowadays about pretty much everyone/anyone being a ‘goddess’, very few who use this ‘title’ give mind to what and who the Goddess actually is in the his/herstory of this planet Earth — what role She played and is playing. Who has She been and who really is She.

Few (if any) realize that they are using a very real title in a generic sense, and that the actual Goddess from Pagan (pre-Christian) times and beyond continues to bless this planet in many guises.

There is still much lower energy of the patriarchy, especially the deeply entrenched beliefs and influences of the patriarchal religious institutions, to be cleared from the unconscious condition of humans before the Goddess will reveal Herself from the shadows and actually come forth most openly.

There are many humans who have been entrenched in the agenda of post-pagan ideology which has tried to demonize the feminine and accordingly the Goddess. The details of this massacre of the feminine are deep and depressing for humanity and a story best left to some other writing.

It’s been a slow, painful process for me to realize just how deeply entrenched the patriarchal energy is in the human psyche not only on the lower realms of consciousness, but also at some of the higher realms of consciousness.

It is, however, time to begin preparation for the eventual ‘reveal’ of the true Goddess. I will keep this simple, step-by-step, — and for now only list a few of the Pagan Goddesses who are here on Earth in the shadows while humans begin their journey of awakening.

I will concentrate on the Dark Goddess(es), and the triple Goddess. This is the ‘One of many names’ — the One that I know intimately. She/They are most often misunderstood even by those few who have some understanding of the Dark Goddess, about Her workings/service, and openly worship Her

Many people recoil at mention of the Dark Goddess yet are delighted to embrace the idea of a fluffy/delicate goddess. I have noticed how these same individuals often seem to desire to have the ‘darker’ aspects as part of their fluffy/delicate perceptions of their ‘ideal’ goddess. These individuals seem to like the idea of a ‘bad-ass’ but remain entrenched in the post-Pagan/Christian ideology of the soft subordinate feminine for their comfort zone.

It surprises me how many of these individuals are in positions as guides/leaders/teachers of deeply spiritual matters and are yet caught up in this difficult conundrum of restrictive comfort with the patriarchal feminine image for goddess, and yet deeply desire the Dark Goddess.

My goal here is to reveal that the Dark Goddess serves a purpose and is/has been very much present on planet Earth through the darkest centuries of human unconsciousness.

She has continuously taken on human form in many guises. And She is in human form quietly in the shadows during this current time of awakening. She is not to be confused with the generic goddess who is so often brandished about these days. And, She will come out of the shadows when the planet is ready to receive Her!

I will begin this exposé with a few brief excerpts from conversations I have been having with Goddess Kali

Marie Antoinette =  Mashanya Allamah

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