Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: Final Earth Sojourn

artist: Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall I AM a Master Soul, an ancient Being, of the Soul Group ‘The Wise Ones’.

I have come to this planet Earth during its earliest beginnings, and have ascended from the Earth plane many times — each time choosing to return again to further my mission here.  Now this is my last lifetime here, and it has been made abundantly and repeatedly clear to me that  ‘I have much to say’ and an important part of my mission is to share my Soul Wisdom and Light.

I imagine how I will feel when I have moved on from a human form this final ‘time’ and have returned from my mission on Earth — at last returning to my Star Home with Mission Complete. When I look on these many ‘times’ I chose to return to planet Earth, and then ask myself how I feel about having completed my mission, —  I will undoubtedly ask the following questions:

Did I impart all the wisdom and knowledge that might be helpful to humanity?   Did I tell my story – the parts that are of universal value? Did I help humanity understand the full impact and power of their her/history?   Am I at peace with this?  Did I complete my mission as a soul of my soul-group called ‘The Wise Ones’?

So it is imperative for my soul to ‘tell it like it is’, to impart the Highest Wisdom, to be a ‘bringer of Truth’ , because that has been my mission from my first incarnation during the earliest existence of this planet till this current Now of ‘time’.

History of this planet is long and varied, some of which I have already written about during my lifetime as Joseph Smith and also during other lifetimes of imparting wisdom and spiritually significant truths.

I have a story to tell which is not the usual. Many of my lifetimes were of somewhat modest note while I held the Light and shared Wisdom, but many others are historically significant. This is the last ‘time’ I’ll be here in human form, so I have much to say.

And so it is, that I share with you that which is helpful for an understanding of her/history of the human/hu-woman and planet Earth.  I share this Wisdom before I move on from this final sojourn with humanity.

Goddess Hecate/ Liberty -

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