Samhain Birthday

From my journal, “30 Days”:

The synchronicities in the life I chose for this ‘time’ on planet Earth -they are many, these synchronicities.

I’ve noticed much during the many years, yet it is only Now that it all begins to come-together – all the puzzle pieces are fitting.

This writing is part of my journal, yet it is intended to be shared.
I write much and often, as there is no one with whom to express these thoughts and wisdom – and more than that, there is no one who would believe my true story or even care. So my words seem random, my text is unedited – raw, naked and open. 

These are ramblings – well worth their intent to bring solace, quiet contemplation, and answers to the puzzle of my life(s) and my soul’s journey through Ancient times (and before) to the present.

My ramblings, my synchronicities.
My birth-name provided clues, also did my date of birth — the name Glasco for a place in Scotland, November 7th birth for the sabbat of Samhain, and a father whose name is Robert E. 
All of these are/were clues synchronous with my life(s), my path, my purpose.

This year especially, my birthday seemed/seems to be on/in my mind much more than most years. I am not one for big celebrations nor have I ever made much of or had any expectations surrounding birthdays. I seldom considered one’s age or aging to be of importance. And unlike many people, I revere age and have great respect for ancient lives and ancient wisdom.

The triple goddess is the Maiden, the Mother, and she is the Wise Woman of Age. I am all three. I respect all three, yet I have always mostly felt the ‘wise’ one. I am certainly She.

However, not until this year was I was made aware of my beingness with/of the Goddess Morrigan. So there has been much consciousness these days of how the puzzle fits together.

I honor two birthdays during this Samhain portal – one for this lifetime, November 7th, and one for another Scorpio lifetime and Samhain birth of my soul on November 2, 1755.

There is much for which to be grateful and much work yet to do on the puzzle pieces as they continue to surface and fit together.

The journey is interesting and I have always been honest with myself, but Now I am ready to be open and share this honesty/truth of my path, ancient and modern, to share my true story, the wisdom and more …

Mashanya Allah-Ma/Marie Antoinette

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Bottom image: my own monogram

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