Now Is The Time!

As the global transition (ascension) into the Golden Age has entered a period of intense quickening, you are being called upon to participate in this mass awakening by bringing your inner peace to the hearts & minds of humanity, to the elemental and animal queen/kingdoms, and to bring stability to the planetary grid.

This might seem to be a difficult task as an individual, however on Saturday, April 4th there will be global-wide meditations in which you may participate to bring and receive support within a sphere of combined higher consciousness within humanity. You can participate — you are being asked to participate.  Anchor yourself in this combined global higher consciousness and become prepared for the many changes and surprising/shocking revelations that are to come in the days/weeks ahead.  Humanity has been in the ongoing process of ascension and now is the time for those who are ready, to learn more and to take advantage the information and assistance available.

This Global Meditation will take place on this Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 10:45 p.m. EDT (see this link for time conversions).

You may use the following link for detailed suggestions and guidance on how to conduct and maximize your meditation.    Meditation Guidance link

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