Moving Out of the Fear Matrix

The Fear Matrix is (in simplified terms) a web of existing energy on earth that humans unconsciously become hooked into and may have great difficulty dis-engaging from. The current global atmosphere is geared to entrap people into this web of fear energy.

It is helpful to understand that within duality, the polar opposite of Fear is Love.  Seek the higher vibration of Love in order to dis-engage from fear. Though we may think of Love as having many forms, it is in its purest essence merely a state of beingness.  Be Love and you raise your rate of vibration out of the zone of the fear matrix.

Following are a few hints on how to raise your vibration out of the fear-matrix:

1. Raise your vibration by dis-engaging from lower vibration environments.  Use your inner knowingness to discern those places, people, and situations that lower your vibration and move these out of your life.  This might be challenging to accomplish, however you can find a place to start this process and allow it to become easier as you become wiser and build your will power and sovereignty.

2. Engage in daily introspection.  Free yourself from the pressure of your surroundings and the opinions of others.  Give yourself the freedom to know yourself and to determine that which is best for you. Then engage the courage to follow your inner guidance.  This requires practice for most people, but becomes easier as you begin to find your personal inner strength.

3. Turn off the commercial news programs. They are manufactured to create fear – that is their goal.

4. Ask your personal spiritual guides for help. Tell them what you need.  It is their sincere desire to help you on your earth walk.  They are able to use all the forces of the Higher Dimensions to help you. However you must ask them for help because humans have free will and by Cosmic Law your Guides must have your expressed permission to intervene in certain situations.

Be assured that each person has their own personal team of Higher Dimensional help on whom they may call for assistance. No request is too small nor too large.  Be assured they can hear you whether or not you are consciously aware of their presence.  And know that their aid may come in unexpected ways, so be aware and have trust.

5. During these times of ascension it is helpful to be aware of this process and how it may be effecting you and the world around you.

On a soul level you agreed to be on earth during these ‘times’ of transition. Much security and understanding can be had by learning more about this process and the significance of this time of evolution on earth.  Much more information is available throughout

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