Fairies and Such Beings


For the next few months up to the Summer Solstice I will be concentrating on connecting with the Fairy Queen/Kingdom, and working with them to help anchor/stabilize the Earth Grid. As I embark on this journey/project in earnest I would like to share a few thoughts about the Elementals in general and about the Fairies in particular. Then perhaps in another writing I will cover information on the Earth Grid.

This project helps to further a part of my mission in support and stabilization of the Earth Grid during this ‘time’ of ascension, and also there is the personal aspect of helping me to re-establish my consciousness with the elementals.  My guide, support, and initiator on this project is Merlin, the Wizard/Magician.

Much of humanity has little conscious awareness of the Elemental Beings that support Planet Earth. Indeed much of humanity is lacking awareness that Planet Earth Herself is a living Being with feelings and consciousness of Her own. My understanding is that She is a goddess of the angelic realms.

There have been civilizations who respected Mother Gaia/Earth and Her Elementals. And no doubt there are those who are currently awake and/or are awakening to realize the existence of the Elemental Queen/King-doms. However, there is little written about fairies from the view-point of personal-contact experiences. It is a subject much speculated on, yet little understood. As with many such topics there are always those who are eager to speculate and extend their theories as well as their doubts.

The Elemental Fairies are the guardians and consciousness of plants and flowers on earth, and as such are no doubt eager to work with humanity in support of Gaia. There is also another group of fairies called the Sidhe with whom I am also working towards building a conscious connection.

For a very long ‘time’ they have remained hidden from humans as a way to protect themselves from being mistreated by un-awakened humanity.  Now during this ‘time’ of ascension they (the fairies) are ready to re-connect with humans and join in re-igniting the spirit of oneness and working in cooperation to advance both elementals and humanity into higher realms of consciousness.

As it is still very cold weather where I am living, it will be slow-going before I venture much outside to connect with the fairies. However, it is fortunate that I have a greenhouse, so I will start my venture in there. My first step will be to spend more time in the greenhouse and begin to tidy and re-arrange the space and spend more time tending the plants.

However, much of this ‘work’ will be done on the Inner-Planes, so it is therefore important that I devote part of my meditation ‘time’ to connecting with the fairies, and I am inviting all of my higher dimensional guides for assistance. Whether I am consciously aware or not, I always know that simply the intent is enough for the mission to be accomplished, and I also know the truth of saying “so it is” and, therefore “it is so”….. conscious awareness is only an additional gift of such service.

As this is the year of Heart Chakra opening, further Heart opening is a major aspect of my personal journey in connecting with the fairy queen/king-dom. It is through the Heart that we can feel and know ….. and there are always new levels of opening and clearing of the chakras as part of the journey to continuously higher levels of consciousness and connection with Source.

I hope to have updates during the next few weeks and months, so come along as I explore the Fairy Queen/King-dom, the Elementals, and the Earth Grid. This is a journey for everyone who wishes to connect on a higher level of consciousness.

A Fairytale by Arthur Wardel