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for all the “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists”

This is for you …. hold on, have heart and listen to this link ——->  “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” Much Love! images: artists not known, please inform

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Forces of Light

Take a Moment Today to Feel the Incoming Light! Following are some links with updates on the current breaking-down of all the old 3–D systems (social, political, financial, educational, health, religious, etc.) making way for the long-anticipated higher vibrational Heaven … Continue reading

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Please understand that the real enemy is not your fellow humans who are filled with emotions of guilt, shame, fear, victimhood. You, yourself, are advised to step out of the old paradigm, and exercise your true nature of strength, courage, … Continue reading

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Magenta Orbs & Inner Message

This morning I asked “How to process drama? …” The answer came: “Just stay in the Heart and anchor the Light! This is your gift to all who will listen to Higher Wisdom and have Courage to stand on their … Continue reading

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