Forces of Light

Take a Moment Today to Feel the Incoming Light!

Following are some links with updates on the current breaking-down of all the old 3–D systems (social, political, financial, educational, health, religious, etc.) making way for the long-anticipated higher vibrational Heaven on Earth.

The first link,  Is Trump Working for the Light?, might be an eye-opener for some, and for others might spark a confirmation of their intuitive awareness, and still for others might not yet resonate.  This is focused on Light Work and is not a politically motivated perspective.

Is Trump Working for the Light?   

This next two links (below) are for information on two up-coming global meditations planned to help the Light Forces — According to Cobra …   

“The first one is the moment of Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at 6:19 pm GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help dissipating the violent energy in the planetary energy field which will reach its peak at that moment.

The second one is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help supporting the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sublunar space at that time.
Victory of the Light! ”
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Guided Meditation video link here

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