Happy New Year!… and

Welcome to 2021

the year of Disclosure
and the beginning of Healing….

The quote below is from James Gilliland as he outlines some of the details that have led to Earth’s current situation and gives a glimpse at the coming days/weeks/months of the awakening process for Humanity.

The article is lengthy but worth a read-through for those who want to see beneath the facade of MSM (Main Stream Media) and open their awareness/discernment to prepare for this year of awakening and the beginning of healing.

“In the days to come you are going to see a grand polarity. It will be accelerated and amplified, the by-product of which is chaos. How much chaos is up to the people of Earth individually and collectively. …….. What you are seeing right now especially during these elections is the Great Awakening. Nothing will remain hidden……” link to full article here

And here is a link to Deva Nirguna, astrologer/artist/architect currently in the Guatemalan Highlands, with a look at the planetary outlook for 2021.

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