Age of Aquarius ~ December Solstice 2020

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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and the diminishing of chaos, control, and enslavement on planet Earth.  December 2020 is bringing in the Cosmic Energy/Light needed to help you wake-up and create the planet that you desire.

However it is important to understand that the Collective must do its part to help usher in the new energies of the Age of Aquarius.  Please know that … YOU are the collective!

Earth is ascending, and each individual of Humanity who so chooses (whether currently awake or still in slumber) is also ascending — each individual is following their own personal path, while also being a part of the Whole of Collective Unity Consciousness.

The energies of December are bringing in the Age of Aquarius and preparing Humanity to overcome the darkness and chaos.

Humanity must and will (sooner or later) realize its sovereignty and take control of its destiny, rejecting the last-attempt efforts of the Dark Forces to control/enslave the planet.   And “Yes”…, to those who are still slumbering … this may sound like science-fiction.  And to those who still believe the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ agenda (see link here) this may all sound suspicious.

But, the Dark Forces/Cabal ’time’ is up and they know this ….. the current planetary chaos is a result of the ‘powers-that-were’ playing their last ditch efforts from their tiresome playbook to control humanity and save their own dark ways that have led to misery throughout this planet for eons of time.

Bringing in the Age of Aquarius is a collective planetary operation involving certain world leaders, friendly galactics, inner earth, and many many Light Warriors (you may be one) who have been living on this planet in human bodies specifically to conquer the Dark and bring in the Light to birth this New Age.

So know that this must also be about Your individual effort, because each individual is a part of the collective consciousness.  Each individual can help to dispel the lower emotions of fear and victimhood, reject the tactics of ‘divide & conquer’, let go of old ‘programming’  of beliefs and ways that have never worked for your benefit.

The Light has already Won, but the story must yet be played out on the physical plane according to the Collective Consciousness….. you can choose freedom from controlling forces, from the lies and deception. You can turn off the Dark Forces/Cabal controlled Mainstream Mass Media, you can seek the alternative sources of information….. you can rise above and beyond and enter into the Golden Age that is upon Humanity.

During this most auspicious Solstice Weekend please plan to allow some time for meditation and join forces all across the planet to anchor in the New Age of Aquarius.

You may plan your own personal meditation to coordinate with many global meditations that are taking place on 12/21.  Following are a few links for more information on planning your meditation:

Age of Aquarius Activation Update – by COBRA

We Love Mass Meditation

Inner Path Wisdom Meditation Guide

200403 - Mass Meditation 2 - frame_edited-1

Alternatives to Mainstream Mass Media are available.  The following quote & link to a channeling of Saint Germain (via James McConnell) is an update on the current planetary situation:

All of you must simply continue to allow for the process to unfold.  An unfolding is what is happening.  Everything is unfolding in front of you.  You just need to know that it is all for a reason.  It is all happening exactly as it needs to, all being orchestrated.  And continue to go with the flow, as everything becomes revealed more and more.
This next year that you are moving into is the year of revealing.  Everything will be revealed in this next year.  Everything.”
Continue to full channeling here ——>

You are the Light that the Dark wants to keep hidden and powerless!

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