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There is currently a war taking place on the surface and beneath the surface of this planet (literally).   Light vs. dark.   As more and more Light is entering the planet, the dark ones know that they won’t be able to survive in the Light, so they are fighting for their survival.

The current situation has been long planned and You have the Power to create the pathway to victory of the Light – create Her/History as it is being made. Wake-up to see the Truth that is hidden in plain sight.

As planet Earth and Her inhabitants are entering the next level of evolution, the 5th dimension also known as the Light, often referred to as Heaven, the forces of darkness are fighting harder than the sleeping human consciousness comprehends, especially when that consciousness is entangled in the Fear Matrix.

You have the Power to wake-up and exercise your sovereignty.

Open your Heart and your Consciousness. Do not be fooled. Do not allow the darkness and fear to rule your consciousness.  Keep your heart and mind open to see the Truth that is hidden in plain sight.

The Light Forces have already Won from the viewpoint of the Higher Dimensions.   However, this victory is apparent only if you have higher dimensional vision.  So, it is the path to that victory that we must navigate to determine how that Victory will proceed into ‘reality’ on the physical plane.

At the soul level you chose to be here during this evolutionary change-over. You have a part to play, so play your part in full consciousness of the situation.

With open heart and higher consciousness follow these links and read carefully:

Who the Hell is Bill Gates and Who Gave Him so Much Power Over the People?

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You are co-creating the future by using your consciousness.
Use it well…

Namaste and Much Love!

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