Critical Lunar Eclipse – January 20–21, 2019 - Lunar Eclipse - original source not known, please inform
This weekend on January 20-21, 2019 there will be a most critical Lunar Eclipse having many significant astrological aspects and much relevance to planetary liberation from dark forces. Mass meditations are planned across the planet to harness this incoming energy to the greatest advantage of planetary liberation and ascension.

Here are a few quotes from the Cobra interview (links below) about this eclipse and the importance of this particular mass meditation:

” … this eclipse is not just a small tiny eclipse on a small tiny planet orbiting a small tiny average star at the outskirts of a small galaxy. It is a focal point of transformation of cosmic importance …”

“…  the Cosmic Central Sun oversees the evolution of this whole Universe … and for the first time the direct connection will be made … 14 billion years of  cosmic history has created this connection, so we are in one of the key moments in the evolution which is leading from the past cosmic cycle to the new cosmic cycle … “

I have provided links to a few sources of information to help you understand and participate in this event.

This first link is to the recording of the interview with Cobra providing very interesting information about this eclipse and how it is related to the plan for ascension from the planetary viewpoint as well as from the viewpoint of our universe and galaxies:  the Video/Audio is here, — and if you prefer to read this interview the Written Transcript is here.

This next link provides detailed information on how to participate in the global meditation:  Make This Viral Return of Light Meditation.

Third is a link to a very interesting video by the Ashtar/Jupiter Command via Ria Aurora Athena explaining important aspects of the coming Lunar Eclipse and the significance of Earth’s 7 incarnations plus guidance for the mass meditation: Video/Audio is here.

Finally, you can use this link to find the time of the eclipse and mass meditation in your location/time zone.


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