Drop your worries, sit back with your cup of tea,
and let your inner-path come forth
and guide you into the essence of
what and who you really are.

Enjoy your journey!

Journey VI – Path of Hopes & Dreams
On this most seemingly unspectacular morning
i find that i have roamed into a …
 …. read complete text here

Listen to audio here –>

Journey V – Planetary Journey
they speak to me with unspoken word
they touch me with sensations of knowingness
they invite me to remembrance
 …. read complete text here

Journey IV– Beyond the Ordinary
On this grey misty morning I suddenly find myself
by a
continue text here

Listen to the audio here…

Journey III – Visiting Reality
This morning I found myself traveling
to a place I know well,
though it actually came to me
rather than that I went to it …
continue here

Journey II – A Secret Place
Sometimes you wonder
should you share your secrets.
But the truth is
…. continue here

Journey I – Imagine This
You are on top of a mountain
near a magnificent ….
continue here

image: artist not known, please inform

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