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Observatory Shut-Down Answers – Rise of Feminine Energy — and Discernment on the Inner Path to Wisdom

Both of the following links involve issues that require you to use your Inner Path Wisdom for discernment and regardless of your surface feelings, dig deeper to know your truth. These are times for discernment and Inner Wisdom. In recent … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene: Joyful News

I am Mary Magdalene and I come today with joyful news. Big things have happened on Earth and there is now an opportunity for humanity to feel a little better. …. continue here artist: AnnelieSolis.com

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Hatshepsut: Egyptian Woman Pharaoh

I am Hatshepsut and I lived many hundreds of years ago in Egypt and for a short time I was Pharaoh there in spite of the fact that I was a woman. However, I had to arrange this myself. I … Continue reading

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the Goddess: Thankful Presence of Heart

It is time to welcome the re-emergence of our feminine aspect from exile. She is returning after 2,000 years of banishment and we must do the work to balance our energy on planet earth as she enters our consciousness and … Continue reading

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