I AM – (the prosaic version About Me)

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I am an incarnate expression/soul extension of Goddess Kali who is also known as Elohim Lady Master Astrea.   I am from Sirius and I am of the Elohim.   My mission on Gaia through many lifetimes is and has been to anchor the Light, to help awaken mankind/humanity, and to aid with the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants.   This is what and who I am.

I AM that I AM in the oneness of the All–That-Is
and have expressed in many forms and many places
on the continuum of linear ‘time’
everywhere and nowhere at once.

Only my identities/lifetimes that in some way may be of useful interest and that have some useful insight for humanity as a whole will I reference.

For now I will name only 4 of the many identities that I am, and those 4 are the following:

I am Queen Marie Antoinette,  I am Robert E. Lee,  I am William “Buffalo Bill” Cody,  I am Queen Hephzibah.

I am each one of these. They are all of this one that I AM,– I hold their entire identities in my being, I AM these ones.

I look forward to soon expressing some details on these lifetimes, — as and when the time is right and the usefulness of such information is apparent and appropriate.

And yes, I have other lifetimes of useful interest that will for now remain in my consciousness and heart until the time is right to reference them.

So, you may return to this page often for updates and come on this journey with me to explore our humanity, re-write her/his-story as it really is, and become fully cognizant of all that has been, all that will be, all that is actually within the oneness of our Now.

Namaste, Sat Nam, Peace be with you …


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