Being Real

Realizations on that Question:
‘What do you do?’

The following writing, ‘Being Real’, materialized for me during one of my morning meditative sessions as I reflected on a recent conversation with someone I had just met. When they had asked this usual question of “What do you do?” – I had tried to give the usual mundane response, but it had felt unusually hollow and unsatisfying and continued to rub me during the following days, because the usual mundane response is not genuine nor is it a true reflection of who and what I AM. And I finally must answer this question (if I choose to answer at all) in a truthful way that answers the real question that people have when they ask “What do you do?”

Though my story is unique to me and my soul, there is none-the-less something here for everyone to ponder. You are not understanding the essence of your being if your only response to the question of What do you do? is a list of material accomplishments – dig deeper and understand the makings of that which you truly are, and respond from that inner sense of knowing yourself as one who is on a soul journey. 

The following poetic prose, “Being Real”, is written from a recording I made of my thoughts as they streamed through my consciousness during that meditative session with my inner-self. I’ve italicized my personal thoughts to distinguish them from my dialogue with you, the reader.

The link at the end of “Being Real” will lead you to my less poetic and more prosaic though not common-place answer to the question of “What/Who are You?” and by corollary, “What do you do?”.


 ~ Being Real ~

There’s that question people always ask:

What do you do?

– well my answer is not conventional, it is not what you would expect,
it is not what you are used to hearing,
nor is it aligned with the way you are accustomed to thinking

honestly i’ve done exactly what i’m supposed to do,

i’ve always
in every place i’ve been,
in all situations, all places,
people uh well –changed a little bit
to know that perhaps things weren’t what they had thought,
i’ve just awakened people a little bit,

that other usual question um What are You?1 yea ah – um
but you’ve done exactly what you were supposed to do,
you never gave an answer for that question 1
but actually you always have known what you were doing,
it just wasn’t what people would expect
but it’s all what it should be
it’s always been what it should be

you’ve always been a catalyst
– however subtle it might have been –

and you’ve always been aware of it – Always
so this is all good –

you’ve always been the odd person, one that raises curiosity
and you’ve done that and then moved on, situation after situation
and you’ve seen the realizations that come to people
you’ve seen the awakenings
some of it may be small but actually not so small
you’ve seen sparks that have been lit
so thinking back — it’s always been so
and you’ve always left a trail
you’ve always left some sparks behind

– so that’s What i have done,
that’s What i do
that’s what i’m really all about

so when you ask that question of me
don’t expect a mundane response

I am here to awaken you,
if just a little bit.

1 note:  For My less poetic and more prosaic though not necessarily common-place answer to the question of “What are you?” and by corollary “What do you do?”
follow this link —>  I AM
this link will be connected when the ‘time’ is appropriate

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