the Divine Plan


The following two channelings from the higher dimensions help to clarify some of the changes taking place during this critical period of earth’s ascension process and the Awakening of Humanity .   With an open mind please read both channelings and the comments that follow the links.

You were born for these times that have long been predicted.
Be prepared to usher in the Age of Aquarius.


Saint Germain

“And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, and many others are saying this same thing in many different ways.  The one that is being shown to come forward and be the president of this country shall not be the president.  He will not reign as president, here.  I cannot tell you more of that beyond that, but it is destined that the one that has been president shall carry on.  Cannot say how long he will carry on, because other forces are at work, here. …..  Everything is going to work out exactly as it is supposed to work out, according to the divine plan”   continue to entire channeling here — >

And from the Galactic Federation:

“This is the beginning of the establishment of an intergalactic confederation as the old system is crumbling in front of the eyes of earth’s population.

The Galactic Federation confirms that the light forces are taking over now.

We are moving into a heightened state of awakening of the masses.
The unbelievers and mind-controlled population of earth are now moving into the first stage of awakening.”  continue to full channeling here—>

The above channeled information is for those who are ready, so please pass this on to anyone who is receptive, and also v
isit Inner Path Wisdom for more information on Earth’s situation and the ascension process.

For those who still believe the MSM (Main Stream Media),  please know that the wake-up call is here now.

I can present the alternative to the MSM narrative, —- but it is up to each individual to process information according to their own willingness and ability to wake-up from the ‘programming’ they have been under, and to break away from feelings of victimhood, guilt, fear, and other lower vibrational emotions that the Cabal (dark ones) have preyed upon. 

Alternative news is available for those who seek and are ready.  

Do your own research.  Search your own Inner Wisdom.  

You were born for these times that have long been predicted.
Be prepared to usher in the Age of Aquarius . . .


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