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Happy Spring Equinox & Ostara Blessings

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Spring Equinox presents a transition of seasons, renewal, and re-birth.  This year we have the added transition into a new era for Planet Earth.

Birth can be difficult and transition can bring a feeling of unease and uncertainty, but an open heart, calmness/peace, and an understanding of the process can greatly ease the way.

Below are links to a few articles to help with this transition.
We all volunteered to be on Planet Earth at this ‘time’ of great change.
We are here to bring our Light, to help, and to experience.


Following is a history of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act/NESARA which was signed into law in 2000 but was not enacted.  This is important because it is part of the change that is currently underway.

Its announcement and enactment was stalled though it is yet anticipated and will lead to sweeping changes beginning in the U.S. then spreading throughout the world.  read entire article here —> NESARA

and here is a recent article related to the topic of NESARA:
“A vast plan has been organized for many years to trigger a huge positive change on this planet. This will be the implementation of fair legal justice to put an end to the abuse of this planet’s populations and ecosystems” read entire article here –>  World Reset Imminent

Spring Equinox a eostre III

Next is an excerpt from Joanna Fay of Heartstar.org.
A link to the entire article follows the quote.  Peruse this and also visit the site
Heartstar.org for much more information about Planet Earth, the current transitions, Star Family, photos, and loads of information.

“Beyond the lock-downs, social distancing, health and economic stresses, the corona cloud does have a Silver Lining of bringing out cooperation, unity and myriad acts of kindness, it has given Mother Earth a chance to breathe, physically (with less traffic and air pollution in many cities) and energetically (with sacred nodes in certain places free of dense human energies, suddenly and providentially open to high vibrational in-flows) which Star Family and many assisting Beings of Light are optimizing right now. To tune into the energies of transcendence and resurrection streaming from the ‘Crowns and Crosses’ at a heightened level through to Equinox and follow-up gateway on April 4-5th,”  read entire article here –>   https://heartstar.org/author/joannafay/

Namaste & Much Love

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