Re-writing History/Her-story - artist not known, please inform
Most of the true history/her-story of planet earth has been hidden, manipulated and controlled.

The following 3 excerpts are from a couple of articles that reveal much.

Read the excerpts, and follow the link at the bottom for the entire articles that will give a glimpse into the kind of information that will become part of re-written history/her-story as we advance into New Gaia.

1st excerpt:
“According to legends, the Bucegi Mountains are sparkled with mysterious places, energetically charged areas, where the devices are triggered by themselves, or people experience strange symptoms, portals where people disappear and appear in other places at a very long distance.
Bucegi is also said to be sprawled by underground tunnels of tens of kilometres, but also places where people heal miraculously due to “live water” and “holes of heaven”.

2nd excerpt:
“ The discovery in the Bucegi Massif has effectively shaken the political, scientific and religious scaffolding of the greatest current power, which is the United States of America…
… He immediately instituted the world’s most terrible secret and implied a terrible diplomatic struggle and extraordinary political pressure because Romania wanted to present this discovery to the world…
…..By its very nature, the discovery threatens the political and ideological influence of the Vatican itself and irreparably shatters both the anthropological conception of modern science and the ideas of our planet and mankind.”…..

3rd excerpt:
….. “Romania’s official disclosure to the world would have provided photographic evidence and anything else essential for a complete clarification. Leading scientists and researchers from all over the planet were to be invited for in depth studies… But most importantly, it would have revealed the truth about mankind’s distant past and the real history — which according to what Cezar witnessed inside the Grand Gallery, is almost entirely counterfeit…. The reaction of the U.S. government was so”….. - artist not known, please inform

The following link will take you to the entire articles:


Additionally, you might be interested a recently popular video
covering much about the Secret Space Program and other
topics for disclosure — just use the following link to the
Above Majestic Trailer - Shanti Rose

all love, all light
shanti rose

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