The Event … 51,000 Indictments… - artist not known, please inform

In their usual manner, The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild offer a unique conversation about what we are experiencing with ascension, some thoughts on the Event, and what we can expect going forward.

“We would say there will be many, many tears shed. Not of sorrow … of Enlightenment. As if one has awoken from a deep sleep. There will be much hugging. There will be much bewilderment and for quite a time, which we cannot offer of how long, for we do not know … ‘Life’ as you know it, will certainly not be as you knew it!” ……. link to read entire post here .

Then if you are interested in a look at some of the situations taking place as we approach liberation of the planet,  follow  this link  — (which has been updated in  this link )

And for additional behind-the-scene information follow  this link .

Finally on a lighter note you may go here.

All Love, All Light, Always

image: artist not known, please inform

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