The Truths Are Going To Be Revealed, All of Them

The Truths Are Going To Be Revealed. All Of Them”.

St. Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Peoria, AZ on January 21, 2018. If you are going to share this channeling, please include the entire message including the OWS question/answer session as their is much wisdom being imparted.



I AM St Germain.

I, like all the others that are able to make these communications known through our various sources, enjoy these times that we can be together with you; these times that are changing drastically; and these moments that are coming, moments that are now, and the moments that are yet to come.

You have been told for a long time now, many years for many of you, that change is certainly in the wind and that you are a part of this change. And that you, without you there would not be all of this change that is coming and that is here now.

We as the Company of Heaven, those of the Ascended Masters, we continue to watch these procedures, watch all that you are doing; are aware of each and every one of you as you go about your daily activities. Certainly not that we would ever snoop or pry into your private affairs but we are aware of your vibration. At times your thoughts, but mostly your vibration, mostly the frequency that you are operating in.

And this frequency that you are all operating in now has increased dramatically. It may not always be to your awareness of this as you have your various maladies, sicknesses, colds, flus, all of these things that tend to come over you, but know that all of these are dissipating more and more as you continue to move up higher and higher in frequency on a more regular basis. Because the times of being in the matrix, in this, entrapped in this 3-D illusion, are fleeting fast now behind you. The past will become the past. And the remembrances of the past will lessen more and more as you continue to move along through into this Golden Age.

And those memories that you have had from long, long ago will continue to flood back in as many of them are now for many of you.

Many of you are having various experiences remembering certain things that may have happened that you have totally forgotten about but now it is coming back to you. Some are having what we call ah-ha moments. Those moments when you realize that you know much more than what you have given yourself credit for up to this point. That you have much more knowledge, much more knowing, much more inner knowing as your consciousness is evolving.

And as your consciousness evolves and the frequencies that you operate within continue to rise, your memories continue to return to you. And I speak now of memories not only of lifetimes here on this planet, but lifetimes from many different systems and many other planets. Some of you may even begin to have knowings of those connections you have with your higher aspects, the higher aspects of your selves that are even at this moment watching over you as you are a part of them and they are part of you, and we are all a part of each other. We are all ONE.

As developments continue on, those many changes that have been spoken of continue to take themselves known in various revealings of truth. Because the truths are going to be revealed. All of them. There will be nothing left that will be unknown. Because when it all comes down to it, you are the truth and the truth is you. You do not understand this now, you will come to understand that.

There are many various announcements that are coming forth: various news, various revealings, various changes that will become apparent to each and every one of you and all of those out there that are still yet unawakened.

Because of these many proofs that come forth, many, many more will awaken; will awaken to all of the consciousness that has been held back from them.

That time is now my friends. You are in the now. So trust. Continue to trust in yourselves. Continue to trust in your ability to discern all that is coming forth because you all have that ability, you have all trained now to have that understanding. But as you hear various information coming forth you will know within you whether that information resonates with you or not and you will know as it resonates or does not, what is truth and what is not true.

I AM St. Germain. I love and admire all of you for all that you are going through and all that you are going to continue to go through.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to greet you, to be a part of you, to be with you, and to continue to experience these times with you. We so enjoy them. We know you enjoy being with us … at least we hope you enjoy being with us because there are going to be times, we have spoken of, where we are going to be sitting across the table from you. We and those of your family, those of your families that you have left long time ago.

And the reunion is going to be grand beyond your wildest imaginations certainly as you come face-to-face with your, either your higher self, or those aspects of your higher self, or your twin flame, or various members of your soul family that you have completely forgotten about.

But as St. Germain has said here, and many have also said, those memories are going to return to you and you are going to remember being on ships and being on other planets and leaving your homes and things of this nature to come here and to be a part of this expression here; this consciousness expression.

And all of this is about to shift and change as you continue to move through this particular part of this next year here, your 2018, and everything begins to come into focus more and more for you as to the truths that are going to be revealed, and are already in the process of being revealed, and much, much more that is coming forth. We have spoken of this many times previously. We are not going to continue to reiterate this over and over although we do tend to do this because it is important for you to continue to have these same things given to you over and over and over. Because the more you hear them, the more you experience these various tools that are being given to you, then it will become more and more understanding and become a part of your consciousness as well as a part of our consciousness.

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: [Reading emailed question] This writer says he’s really thankful for the warning you gave him last time about the crypto currency and now he’s concerned about the currency exchange. He says a lot of people are saying that there are going to be food shortages, suggesting that people start reserving food; that people should create multiple trust accounts to protect their assets in the event of tragic accident; and protect themselves from burglars or criminals who may break in their homes. Then lastly he’s questioning if the exchange facilities will be guarded with military personnel to ensure a smooth and safe currency exchange?

OWS: My goodness! What are you all hearing in this particular exchange here? [Fear!] Fear.

Much, much in the way of [inaudible]. Now this is the old way though. This is the old illusion, the cabal’s illusion that they have created here bringing about all this various amount of fear. And in times that are coming, if you were continuing to stay within the three-dimensional illusion, then all of these things that were just mentioned would be correct. But — and this is a big “but” people — if you are not in the 3-D illusion, if you are no longer in the matrix, if you are in the higher vibrations and higher frequencies and find yourself there more and more permanently, then all of these things that were spoken of are no concern whatsoever.

There may be a possibility that there will be a shortage of, not a shortage of food, no, but a time period possibly two weeks or so where things will be a little bit rocky as we have been saying. This is why we have been saying fasten your seatbelts. Get ready for this. This is all about the prepare for change. This is the name of your Sunday group is it not? Prepare for Change. So prepare for change. Prepare for these things.

You have been training for these times that are here now both in this lifetime and many lifetimes previously leading up to this. And all of this is in the process of what you are needing to continue to go through here. It is not that you need to plan for burglaries to come into your home and for catastrophes and all of these things. This is the old timeline. This is what would have been if you had remained on the old timeline. But you have all moved into the new timeline, into the new understandings that are here which are moving toward, more and more moving you toward the Golden Age. And as you continue to move into this Golden Age there is no concern whatsoever about any of these things.

So do not be concerned about this. Everything will work out exactly as it needs to. As we say many times everything is being orchestrated. When the time comes for you to go and exchange your currencies, if you have currencies, you will be able to go into your facility that is exchanging these and exchange them. It will be that simple. But it will not happen until the time is right. Until everything is in process you might say, everything is in safekeeping, safeguarding. So no concern about this. Okay?

Q: Okay. Not my question.

OWS: No it’s not your question but it is many others on their minds also because you hear these things from many different sources. And this is where discernment comes in. This is where you have to know that you are moving into these higher vibrations more and more frequently. And as you move into them and stay in those higher vibrations then nothing can harm you. Literally, nothing can harm you.

Q: And if you stay in those fear mongering type attitudes you are going to manifest it. It may come true.

OWS: That is correct. Very much so. Very astute observation there yes.

Q: Years ago Source gave me a prophecy that beings would come to me and would come on a ‘bended knee of distinction’. And it finally happened. I waited a few years, went into deep meditation, raised my frequency level, and they, I guess, lowered theirs slightly so I could actually see them in the physical. And three golden, beautiful, the most beautiful, golden, liquid beings that I’ve ever seen, ever beheld in my entire life, were in front of me. They had only partial facial features; not eyes, not a mouth. And then I looked at them in awe and with great love and they just telepathically hit me in the chest and almost knocked me off the bed.

Then I was taken to a place at the zero point with Source and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever felt. Pure innocence beyond a child. I was wondering who those light beings were.  Could you help me? I was thinking it could be the Elohim. Would you know?

OWS: Yes, we would know here and we will tell you this. We cannot tell you everything here because this is something you must come to more understand for yourself but you , what you experienced here was a recollection you might say. You say you have never seen these beings before but you have. You have experienced them before; not so much in this lifetime, in your understanding now of who you are as Gary here this time, but in other times you have known these beings. They are seventh-dimensional beings at this point and they do not have physical form, as you saw them, but they had a frequency or a vibration about them that was pure love. And at that level that is what it is: pure love. And you felt this and you experienced this because you have a connection with them at this level. You have come down in vibration to be able to be a part of this evolution here and be a part of this experience that is bringing this planet into the Golden Age here. So you have had this before. You are experiencing this now. And as we have said here many, many, times, many of you are going to begin to have more and more of these experiences. You are going to be connecting with your, either your higher self or aspects of your higher self, or beings that you have known before, parts of your family that you have come from. They’re going to make themselves known to you more and more because you are raising your vibrations, your frequencies. And as you raise your frequencies then you can come into the frequencies of the higher beings that are there. They are there, they are all around us here, and if you raise your vibration you can become more and more aware of them. They can see you, you cannot see them though until you raise your vibration. Okay?

Q: Yes. Was I actually looking at me? Was I looking at family? Because one giggled, seemed to giggle at me like, “Look at you! Look at the way you look right now.” That’s kind of what I felt.

OWS: That is what we are saying here. Part of your family. Yes. [Audio interference of guitar chord.] We are being serenaded.

Q: Well that’s nice. I’m a guitarist so that’s perfect.

OWS: Very good.

Q: Recently I have had a lot of people from my past come into my life. I don’t have anything against them but I honestly don’t even want to associate with them because to me my past is the past and I just want it to go away. Why are they coming all of a sudden?

OWS: What we can tell you is not so much why they are coming but what it is for you to do here. What is needed for you. Because as you are moving into the higher vibrations and moving along the newer timeline here, those that are not moving along with you, those who are moving at possibly in a different timeline, will come into your experience and you will find that they are not of like resonance to. And as they are not a like resonance you are not wanting to be around them. This is for all now. Not only this one who has asked this question, but many many more of you will find that you are not wanting to be around low vibration. If you just look at it from a different point of view now, do you like going into rooms or buildings or whatever that have a low vibration? Do you enjoy that? No you most likely do not enjoy that. If you are at all responsive to the vibrations then you know that it is not where you belong. Likewise individuals that may have been part of your family, part of your friendships, all of this, may not you may not want to be around them anymore because you are moving beyond that vibration. You see? At a certain time, at a certain point here when the frequencies rise enough and Gaia has moved fully into the fifth dimension and even higher and no longer holds a place for those in the three dimension. You see where we’re going with this? You, those of you that are moving up in vibration with Gaia will go along with her. Those that cannot will not.

Q: So when you say that we are in the right place at the right time the job that I’m currently in is of very low frequency and I struggle every day. So how can that be true?

OWS: Because there are other opportunities for one such as you to bring light into a dark place.

Q: That I’m supposed to be there because I’m helping many people. People are listening, they’re excited to see what’s going on but it’s just, to me it’s draining to have to be around such low-frequency people. And it’s a large group of people.

OWS: As we say you are bringing light to a dark place. You understand this? [I understand.]

Very good. It may not be pleasant but it is something that your higher self has created for you to experience at this point. To be in that right place at the right time. Maybe not your right place but his or her right place.

Q: One Who Serves, last year I went to the Contact In The Desert conference in Joshua Tree here in California. In a certain area I looked up and saw lots of light movement and I started noticing light coming down and just light all over the place. And there were orbs. Can you identify the various ones that were behind me when I was driving away? Were they part of my soul tribe or soul group or something of that nature? Can you verify who they were?

OWS: What we can tell you is, not quite what you are expecting, but, these particular ones that were there were there for the conference. Just as you, those of you in human bodies at this time were there for the conference, they are also there. They are curious. They are wanting to be a part of this. And they also bring a vibration. They are attracted by the vibration that is there and then they bring their own higher vibration as well. That is why when people are there at this type of a conference and experiencing these kinds of energies the energies are increased by those that are there in attendance. And we speak of those that are coming from above you might say, there in attendance. There was many, many, many angels and orbs and beings from all over that attend this particular conference. This conference you are speaking of, Contact In The Desert, is a happening. It is something that is spreading the light greatly when this occurs because of the nature of what is occurring there in this conference. You see?

Q: I have a question. This is Athena.

OWS: Yes. We know.

Q: For years, when I used to study the Bible, it was Matthew the 17th Chapter that stuck in my mind, the first two verses. I’ll give the background here: Jesus on the sixth day called Peter, James, and John to go with him up on the Mountain of Transfiguration, and then the Disciples saw his body change into a glowing body, they called it. They didn’t call it transfiguration. We know it now as that. He changed into the light of the sun and his clothes changed to white. And I do believe that’s what’s going to happen to us and is happening. But he had a conversation with Elijah. My question is can you tell us what that conversation was about because they didn’t give that in the Bible?

OWS: What we can tell you is that that particular conversation, although not giving it in words, was meant between the two of them to understand at that point the process that was happening here. And that this particular process that was going on is a precursor you might say of what is going to occur in many in the future. So it was speaking about this particular raiment of white light that came over Yeshua and he was going through his ascension process at that point. He had not fully ascended but he was going through the ascension process just as all of you are now as well. And when this transfiguration happened, at that point when he then became part of, more connected with his higher self more fully at that point. And connected with Elijah and Moses and all of these other ones that were there to assist him in that process knowing what He was going to be going through. So this is also an indication of what is going to happen with all of you as you move through into this Transfiguration process.

You may not have the experience quite as he had but you will have an experience similar but you are then going to be taking your physical body fully with you through this. So this is something quite different here. Similar but yet different.

Q: Thank you so much. That just makes me so happy. Thank you so much.

OWS: Yes. You are very welcome.

Q: I am new to the group. And I’m very honored to have the possibility of talking to you. I would like to know if you can confirm for me about my, I would not call it a health problem, but my unbalance. Preferable to call it unbalance. And it is this imbalance I cannot figure out for many years. I have the impression that it is directly linked to my relationship to my mother and to the solar plexus where I fit in. So I can a huge huge pressure that [???] in the rest of my body and causes lots of imbalance. Could you please help me a bit to understand more?

OWS: What we are hearing here is you’re speaking about imbalance, is that correct? That there is an imbalance within your system. [Q: Ys.] And something about we could not hear everything that you were saying here. Some interference as well as difficulty in understanding your dialect here coming through.

Q: I’m calling from Romania.

OWS: Something about your mother, your mother here you spoke of?

Q: Yes my biggest fear http://interference

OWS: You are breaking up. We cannot hear. [Attempts to clear line.] That is somewhat better yes.

Q: I’m on the mobile and there are many interruptions I think. Could you please help me to understand. Is my physical and emotional unbalance directly linked to suffering that I have towards my mother?

OWS: Ah. Now we understand. The physical and emotional imbalance as related to your feelings about your mother is what you are asking here is that correct?

Q: Yes. I’m trying to address that for many years and I have to succeed and I want to succeed and I really much need help to understand this impasse is huge on my being. I think my whole my relationship with the matrix I think is my family.

OWS: What we can tell you is that the more that you let go of old relationships, as you are saying, within the matrix here, within that old paradigm which continues to hold you back, and you allow for the process within you to continue to develop, such as attending a group such as this, becoming around like-minded people more and more where you are surrounded more with light and more of like resonance to you, then these various imbalances that you are speaking of will dissipate more and more.

In other words find yourself in, where you’re coming from in Romania as you say, find yourself group or a group of people there that are like-minded to you that can personally assist you in that process that you are moving through. Whether it is counseling or whether it is a group such as this, or even if you continue such with this group and continue to be a part of this and be around these energies. Even if it is once per week as this group meets. Once per week you are in these energies and it reinforces all that goes through in your life throughout the week here. And then you reinforce it and you raise the vibrations. And then you might drop back a little bit — this is for all now to hear this — you may drop back a little bit but then you find yourself there again at the group and with like-minded people and even more importantly back in these higher energies. It is similar to the idea of going to church once a week. It is the same thing. This same idea, the same thing. But in this particular case you are finding yourself around as we say like-minded people, like resonating people, which is more important with the higher energies, and you continue to reinforce to yourself being in these higher frequencies and vibrations more fully. And the more that you do this — this is why those of you that have been involved with this group or other groups for some period of time— are finding yourself into various healing properties here. You are  inding yourself healed of various maladies that you have had for long periods of time and because you are around these energies and you are experiencing these higher vibrations within these groups. Okay?

Q: Yes. This is beautiful and I thank you very, very much. And I love you very much.

OWS: Yes, and so we as well.

Q: Yes! Wonderful to see you and be with you.

OWS: We love that! We love that you say “see” us! Wonderful! Wonderful. Seeing – yes. That is wonderful. Believe it and you will see it.

Q: So this is a great topic and I’d like to tweak it out just a little bit more because, for me in particular, let’s say for instance what I do is I actually actively work with people who have experienced traumas, pains say like more of a high level and suffering if you will in their lives. And for a lot of years for me in my practice because I experience extreme levels of those as well and came through the process and so for a lot of years for me it was about what I need to do I need to get away from those negative energies, the dysfunction, the emotional unwellness, and really just attend to myself and take stellar care of myself and my space like have my space really clear. And that is actually what I would coach other people that I might work with you to do as well. However, one of the things that’s coming up for me as I do this more and more because I’ve been doing it for a while but not in a major way so I’m now getting to the point where I’m going to do it more and more in major ways, and one of the things that comes up for me is how do I really, really powerfully be of service the people in those energies without taking that energy on myself. And we have some strategies here but I would like to get the most powerful strategy you know for me to do that.

OWS: What we can tell you about this whenever you are working with an individual or individuals that are at the lower vibration than yourself at the time and you are attempting to raise their vibration, which is what healing is, and whether it is emotional healing or physical healing or mental healing, whatever it might be you are needing to raise the vibrations … http://interference%20OWS%20requests%20silence Whenever you are experiencing these various times that you are with these people and all of this these lower vibrations that you are experiencing it is very important always — and we know you already know this — but to have the Light with you. Have the Light around you, within you. Ask for protection as you go into this. And then as you are working with them if you are touching them, physically touching them, this may sound strange, but after you are done wash your hands. That is important. Not for the reason that you might think though. Not because you can catch something from them but because of the vibrations. You want to rid yourself of those lower vibrations. You can do the same thing if you want by going immediately out into nature and grounding yourself. This will also be very important here so that you don’t take these vibrations, these lower vibrations and lower frequencies into your body. And this is how you can attempt to hold this off as you continue to work with people.

Now we need to make sure though that you and all others understand this: as you are working with people you do not want to become involved in their particular issues. Don’t become emotionally attached to their issues. Move on. Be the observer, the observer-self as a third party, you might say, the third party observer and just observe what is going on. Do what you can to assist them, as they are wanting assistance, and then move on from that and let it go. And wash yourself of it, cleanse yourself of it rather, of those vibrations. Not, again, to hold off catching something from them. That is not at all what we are speaking of. Because as you are in the higher vibrations you cannot catch anything anyway. You understand this?

Q: We were talking earlier about water and what type of water is best for our spiritual growth and our bodies. Distilled water, spring water, ionized, alkalized water. Can you talk about distilled water please to purify us.

OWS: What we can tell you is that all of these things that you are speaking of is in the lower vibration, in the old programming. You could take any water, this is any kind of water at all from the swamp even, and take it into your body and if you believe it enough, that water will do nothing to harm you. As a matter of fact you can take any water and turn it into pure crystalline … a pure crystalline experience. Similar to that which St. Germain did to the one that he was working with in your Unveiled Mysteries book if you read this or if you want to read this, where he produces this silver liquid out of nowhere. And he produces it and gives it to the Ray Godfrey. And he takes this in and it is like nothing he has ever had before. But it is pure water that St. Germain has added his alchemical process to. You see? So you can do the same thing with anything here whether it is distilled water whether it is purified water whether it is tap water or whatever.

Now, as you are doing this though, if you drink your tap water you might say in your cities and things of this nature, if you are not of the belief system that it cannot harm you then it can harm you. You see? It is what you believe that you will see. So take any water you want, any food you want, and change it. Change the molecular structure within it. Change the vibration within it. You do this through consciousness. Consciously create what you want. You see?

Q: In the discussion earlier I imparted a story about an injury I had and … [The story relates the discovery of what appears to be an unknown piece of wire found in this person’s body by x-rays taken at several different periods throughout his lifetime.]

OWS: Hold please. We know the story here and we heard this earlier. We were eavesdropping yes. And we can tell you that you have experienced an energetic happening, you might say, that created this particular object that is within your body. And it is something that is foreign to your body but yet it is something that was put there for a reason. We cannot give you the reason why it was put there but it was put there by those who are benevolent, you might say, and to assist you in certain things that have happened within your life. And so it is beneficial for you. It is not something for you to be concerned about. It does not hurt you in any way and does not appear like it will be hurting you. And when you move into those crystalline chambers or you are able to totally crystallize your own body through your consciousness, then you this will be gone and will no longer be needed within you.

Q: Wow. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.


Q: One Who Serves, I have a question about first quarter of this year within the next month. What’s the probability The Event that we’re looking forward to having as far as the probability with all the announcements of course St Germain just mentioned. Are we to look forward to The Event, or event in this government shutdown and things like that? The RV or NESARA are we to look forward to that probability?

OWS: Soon! [Laughter] [I’ve heard that!]

No in all serious though now, we cannot of course answer your question directly. We can talk in terms of probability and possibility and as we have said many times before there is always the possibility. And the probability that is based on your current situation right at this moment is saying that yes, there will be major shifts of consciousness that will occur in these next few weeks even here, as you are moving along through this process. As you are saying your first quarter of this year is going to be a very important time period that you are moving through.

One that you may look back at years and years later and realize this was a major turning point in your evolution here. We cannot say any more than this at that time.

[Hallelujah] [Thank you so very much.] [Many thanks all around.] Yippe!

We can see the headline now that James will come up with here: First Quarter Of This Year True Evolution or something of this nature. We will attempt to not let him do that though. That is too much for people to see at this point.

Any further questions? One more question and then we release channel.


Q: Yes One Who Serves, the meteor that was spotted and hit the ground in Michigan. You know there was an image that looked more like a laser. Can you tell us what really was going on with this and what significance it might have?

OWS: That was no meteor. We can tell you that was no meteor that happened. That was the official understanding that came from your government to cover up what was really occurring there. There was a laser light as you are saying that came from high above and dismantled a particular area there that needed to be eliminated you might say. Not eliminated though in the way you would think. Not explosion or anything of this nature but a vibrational shift that needed to occur there we will say. That is all we are allowed to say though about this now at this point. It was no meteor.

Just as the Hawaiian incident and Japan incident was no error on the certain person pushing the button. How could anybody think that that would be the case? But they are continuing to use the old ways that have worked previously where people would hear these things and not question it. That is no longer the case. Everybody is questioning these types of things now. And this was purposeful that it would come out so that the majority of those that are unawakened can begin to awaken more and more now.

We need to release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”