Sisterhood of the Rose: Invitation

It is now time for the Goddess energy within each of us, including those in masculine as well as feminine bodily dwellings, to be awakened, cared for, and called forward to aid in the healing of Mother Gaia and in supporting planetary ascension.

Goddess Energy which has been much maligned, suppressed, and misunderstood is none-the-less innate to our physical, mental, emotional, and societal being and well-being. And at this juncture within the Now of the Now, it is this feminine energy that must rise with much love, recognition, and understanding into its necessary place. We are all being called upon to re-ignite the flicker of connectedness within ourselves into the flame that it was always meant to be.

The Goddess had been an active force pre-dating most widely known history.  Her-story, and the Sisterhood of the Rose Groups existed long ago on this planet, dating back to Atlantean times.

His-story has excluded Her-story. And the real story has been obscured and re-defined to lead us to our prolonged situation of suppressed feminine energy, however the next step in our evolution is upon us as ascension of Mother Gaia and all of her inhabitants is currently in progress. If you need to know more about ascension visit this section of Inner Path Wisdom to learn more about the current progress of this planetary process.

The establishment of local Sisterhood of the Rose meditation groups is one step in facilitating this process of ascension. We need to generate soothing energies, calmness, and vibrations of understanding, as the winds of change are taking force. And you can be a part of this global initiative. Local meditation groups are needed across the planet to meet physically at least once a week to bring these energies to the aid of Mother Gaia and the ascension process. At least 3 meditators who are close enough to meet in the West Bloomfield, Michigan area are needed to begin this process locally, and more will join us as the energies shift into alignment.

You can be the oneread further about the Sisterhood of the Rose, then please  send me a note  if this resonates with you — i will be happy to respond and connect with you.

I hope you will join me in this process of meditation to bring peace, calm, and understanding.   All love …..

cherie shanti rose

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