Resources for Your Ascension Journey

Following are a few site links (in no particular order) and book recommendations for those who are seeking resources of general information or specific information, and/or guidance on their ascension paths.

You must however do your own personal work to search within and perceive that which is best for you.

The items listed below are varied in their offerings, so you may spend as much ‘time’ as you feel necessary to find those offerings which are most comfortable for your current place-of-being.

Not everything is for everybody.  There is no rush, and you will know from your heart when something resonates. 

So enjoy perusing, and follow your own Inner Path to Wisdom.


Am I Ascending? – Indicators/Symptoms


Awakening to Remembering

Golden Age of Gaia

Sacred School of Om Na

Shanta Gabriel

Heart Star

Ancient Awakenings

Sirian Heaven

Judy Satori

Star Quest

Blue Dragon Journal


Rose Rambles