Priestesses of Astera (Astara) - artist not know, please inform

“There are Priestesses of Astera (Astara) whose bodies and minds have been dedicated as Temples of Memory. Into these women’s bones, flesh, and organs, into their very cells, are poured historical events and knowledge for safekeeping. In these women, these Memory Keepers, are stored jewels of revelation, boons for healing and creation. Some say the true gift of these women is their ability to seamlessly connect with all Life itself- to read the ancient records in the tiniest grain of sand, in the veins of a leaf, in a constellation of stars, or in the softness of a kiss upon the lips. These Memory Keepers are both empty and full as they carry wisdom through the ages.”
Gaia Codex:Node 444.54.281

Priestesses of Atlantis were working together as part of the mystery schools. They were building temples, doing rituals to keep the energies in the loving state. This mission was very important in this experiment due to free will, so the priestesses were constantly learning the cosmic rules and strengthening their connection to the divine feminine. As they were reaching higher levels of consciousness, they were being initiated in temples as the protectors of Sophia Gaia, truth, justice, love, and harmony.
As the seers started seeing the signs of darkness, the high priestesses of the Temple of Love designed a fail-safe plan to protect Sophia Gaia. In this plan, the priestesses took upon the mission for carrying the ancient knowledge. Some of these beings stayed on Earth while most left – to come back again at the end of the cycle. All these divine beings are coming back to Earth now to complete their missions.

The ones who stayed on Earth to protect this knowledge formed a group called the “Priestesses of Astara”. They knew they would be under the spell of forgetfulness, so they encoded this knowledge into symbols. Lifetime after lifetime, these beings used these symbols within works of art, even though they could not fully remember the original meanings. No matter how hard the dark ones tried to impress negative meanings onto these symbols, they couldn’t reach their goals. They couldn’t get rid of so many objects of art, either. Their rituals to ascribe negative meanings to art could not be successful.
The priestesses of Astara transferred the knowledge from generation to generation. Even today, this ancient knowledge is on Earth and waiting for us to decode it.

Examples of Halafian and Sumerian Ancient Pottery containing symbols of both the divine feminine and divine masculine

While these encoded messages were embedded into the subconscious minds and bodies of these priestesses, eventually a time would come when these memories would be unlocked and decoded. Someone needed to undertake this mission, and this person was St. Germain. Although most know him as the Ascended Master who would be bringing abundance, he is also a master of spiritual alchemy and he, with his twin flame, has taken upon the mission to help beings on this planet to grow out of duality.

St. Germain’s Symbol Maltese Cross is in our lives. Please note that the image on the left contains additional symbolism which includes his union with his twin flame.

This will be done through true alchemy. In human history, alchemy has been given much negative meaning by the dark ones. However, in reality, true alchemy teaches the process for knowing/finding our true selves. It contains the techniques to get oneself out of dualistic reality. With alchemy, we are supposed to transform all darkness of our consciousness into enlightened state by going through the steps of body, mind, and spirit purification.

As Mark Passio states in the video above, alchemy for the beings on this planet has to happen through the decoding of many allegories. Since the vast majority of dark influence on Earth has been weakening, it is now time to unlock the true teachings of alchemy. For this reason, St. Germain has started contacting the priestesses to begin the process of self discovery. These beings will take upon the role of teachers after the Event and help humanity heal and learn the process of becoming one.
This process will have to be done by each individual and there is much to purify. We, as humanity, need not wait for others to bring Ascension Chambers and do this for us. Each individual can and must make a conscious decision to go through this process in order to reach oneness. We have to do this ourselves. As many say: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
Priestesses of Atlantis…

St. Germain is ready to connect with you to help unlock the knowledge you have always known/felt deep inside. It is time to activate it. It is time to connect him. Let us unlock the wisdom of divine feminine. We are ready.
Love conquers all things; yield we too to love!