Ancient Wisdom Chronicles: Preface

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles
My title for this endeavor is Ancient Wisdom Chronicles as i journey through much mystery and many clues all the while using my ability of claircognizance and guidance from the higher realms to unfold the story of my soul-mission.

The journey is in many ways ancient and most certainly requires wisdom.

There is much to learn and much work to do as i visit many lifetimes and my own Star Seed origins to reveal my mission and the information i am here to share in this lifetime during our planet earth’s ascension into the 5th Dimension.

But these true chronicles of ancient wisdom are not just about me. In many ways this story is for and about all of humanity. As you continue with me on this journey you will come to know how much of this story is about you and about mankind.

Follow along as i channel information from my own soul, from Ascended Masters, Elohim,  Archangels, Goddess, and Beings of Light to the gather wisdom and guidance necessary to pull this all together.

I take this task with heart and determination. It is indeed with me 24/7 and i honor Soul Creator and all the forces of Light who guide me along the way. It is certainly a privilege to do this work and to share it. Archangel Gabriel has informed me that it is my mission to share this work with the world. This mission has also been made quite clear to me by Ascended Master Prince, Lord Merlin, and Archangel Michael. So, these chronicles are a beginning to fulfilling my pre-incarnation soul agreement.

Although i am working on Ancient Wisdom Chronicles daily, there is always a time lapse before publication as i prepare the entries. Sometimes i post often, other times more sporadically, all depending on a number of factors.

However there is also much other material to peruse and read on Inner Path Wisdom. I have included many categories of information relevant to our global times and many offerings from our galactic community. Some postings will appeal specifically to light-workers, or to way-showers, star seeds, or some maybe to healers and many others who have special interests in various topics.

One unifying factor is the spreading of Love and Light. Use your own heart and discernment to choose those postings that are right for you and that appeal to your comfort zone, or maybe challenge yourself and expand your awareness into new vistas. There is something for everyone and room for all as there is much to do as we venture to embrace the Golden Age.



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