Paris Goddess Vortex: Yellow Jacket Movement

Astrea irislibra - artist not known, please inform

As it goes in France, so it will go around the world.

While the US and much of the globe is mired in issues perceived to be closer to home, France continues its more than month-long awakening and call for resistance to oppression, —- an issue with global application and “close-to-home” for everyone world-wide.

Paris, France, which I have long perceived as a vortex of goddess energy, is leading the way to a more stable and higher consciousness based society, — and whether sooner or later, the world will follow this lead.

This is a movement you might want to keep an eye on, learn more about, and feel into while you go about trying to live a daily life in this rapidly changing world.

Learn more by following this link:

Yellow Vests and the Vortex of Paris


and for a popular media version about this awakening
simply do a search on the topic “Yellow Vest Protest”.

Marie Antoinette - a la rose by artist LeBrun - detail

Nothing is as it seems yet everything is as it should be.

top image artist not known, please inform
bottom image Marie Antoinette a la rose, detail, artist LeBrun