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NESARA / Faction Three
News Update

from Part Two – January 2018

News Update – January 3, 2018
Lady Master Nada called Rama today to say that “Palestine is at a crucial juncture here, because all the war crimes Israel has committed against Palestine are coming forward now.”
Rama asked, “Who is bringing the crimes forward?”
Nada replied, “There is a Palestinian lawyer named Benjamin whom we have spoken to you about before. He has been getting information from moles in Israel about the torture that Palestinians go through at the hands of Israeli soldiers at the borders. It is the same tactic that the Nazis used on the Jews in Germany in World War II.
“Those same tactics have been taught through something called Operation Global 2000, for at least the last 40-plus years here in the United States.
“And activist police officers [in the US] formed a counter group called Operation Vampire 2000, to consolidate their forces and to expose collectively what they are being forced to do—which is to be trained in paramilitary and counter-insurgency tactics [to be used on US citizens], just like our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are trained to do.

“This is called militarizing the police. And they are trained to look for people with dark skin and Middle Eastern features.”
Nada said they are playing with all our communication devices—iPads, androids, computers, even televisions—to be able to use face recognition technology to classify everyone, so they can “set you up to take a fall” as needed.
Blaze the Violet Fire!
Right now, among the 13 Families, there is a full-on war going on.
Also, the Grump signed an Executive Order on December 21, allowing for the seizing of the assets of people running pedophile rings, including rounding up people like John Podesta, Bill Clinton, and other arch-criminals of the Faction Two kind.
And now what Nada is saying, from the Faction Three point of view, is that the very top, top—Baron von Rothchild, Jacob Rothchild—the very top dogs—are desperate to create an astronomical, even a celestial, fake alien invasion to distract people from the truth coming out that 9/11 was an inside job. And all these political players are involved in it.
We are approaching Coptic Christmas, coming Saturday, January 6. Focus the Violet Flame into Jerusalem, into Ramallah, into Gaza, into all of the Palestinian land, into the entire Middle East, including Iran, iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt.
Blaze the Violet Fire!
These propaganda stories in the main media are being stretched like rubber bands until they snap. For instance, the big story that Gitmo [Guantanomo] Bay is now housing George Soros, John Podesta and his brother [Tony], 30 congress members who are supposedly not going to return to Congress after their holiday—all of that is fake news.
She said, “The Grump is terrified that Mueller and a hit man swat team are going to try to take him out.”
Again, she said, “Blaze the Three-Fold Violet Flame on all these situations. Be positive. Be calm. At the end of The Last Jedi, like Luke Skywalker, we all come through this, and we Ascend.
“Happy NESARA Year, and Michelle for President! Namaste, Lord Rama!”

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