Lioness Heart

artist not knownOn this singular morning of this new year, the view behind the shades of outer worlds reveals formations of shadow and light creating an image of two pillars erected high against a night sky. And there in the foreground is a lioness sitting between the pillars with her gaze and body facing forward, holding guard, and eager to transmit this message:

The universe, multi-verse, the One-in-all is nudging humanity to step out of fear and into unity consciousness of peace and power from within, to stand firm as a force repelling the old paradigm of power over one-another.

artist - Amanda LinduppThe two pillars, the yin and yang – this is the year to unite these forces both within each individual and in global unity-consciousness.

As i enter deeper into this vision, stars appear in the night sky behind the two pillars and it is understood that the current energy is favorable for this union of moon and sun, and that the expansion of individual and global consciousness- of-unity is at hand.

The lioness stands guard and fortifies humanity’s action of stepping away from fear and into the new paradigm of balance, strength, and power from within.

Then finally this vision morphs into Mother Sekhmet who is so present at this time on earth and has messages for all who will hear… continue to Mother Sekhmet

Cherie Rose