Friday the 13th: Divine Goddess Day

Isis - artist, lisa iris

Friday the 13th is a very powerful day
of Divine Feminine Energy,
and prior to patriarchal times
it was recognized as a day for
celebrating the goddess

For thousands of years the suppression
of this Divine Energy has taken the earth
down through the darkest of times.

It is no coincidence that a major event
in earth’s history occurred in Paris
on Friday, October 13, 1307
when King Philip IV of France
ordered the Templars arrested, tortured,
then burned at the stake.

It was no mere coincidence that
the attack at the Bataclan theatre in
Paris took place on Friday, November 13, 2015,
then was attributed to a group that the
popular press referred to as Isis,
an obvious attempt to denigrate the Goddess Isis.

Paris is a city with many hidden secrets in plain view
and has long been associated with goddess temples,
particularly those for Goddess Isis
for whom the city is said to have been named.
Also, the Temple of Diana is located in Paris
at the location of the 2004 car crash of Princess Diana.
There is little doubt that this city on earth
carries important goddess energy.

So, this Friday, July 13, 2018
celebrate and honor the goddess, the city of Paris,
and indeed Goddess Isis.

isis and osiris, artist susan-seddon-boulet

artists:  top image – Lisa Iris
bottom image – susan seddon boulet