France: The Law of One (part I) -Archangel Metatron via J. Tyberonn

The Law of One in France

Part One of a Two-Part Channel

Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

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The Atlantean energetic conflict, the ‘duel of duality’ between the benevolent ‘Law of One’ group & the greed-based, ‘Sons of Belial’, engaged for many millennia before the final destruction of Atlantis. In one aspect of over-view, this is in fact, the polarity of the ‘dark vs light’ aspect of duality….and it overflows, by the ‘lessoning’ nature of polarity realms , of duality into all times…it is how you learn…

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron of Angelic Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet you as always, in a vector of unconditional love

There have been many points in your linear history in which extraordinary ‘crossroad’ events have occurred, which provided the path of Ascension for Humanity.  There are indeed experiential vectors of earthplane reality, points in your ‘purposed 3d illusion’, whose outcome determine future reality probabilities.

Your seer, Edgar Cayce, spoke of such interventions …

Insert: Edgar Cayce Reading 416-7 …Unless there is interference from what may be called by many, the ‘supernatural forces and influences’, that are active in the affairs of nations and peoples, the whole world-as it were-will be set on fire by the militaristic groups and those that are “for” power and expansion in such associations… (ECR # 416-7)

Far more concerted effort than even the aware among you may imagine, has been placed in the graduation of the Earth leading to the Ascension of mankind. Some of these would be quite surprising, even shocking to you.

But we tell you the defeat of the Spanish Armada (carrying the Inquisition), and indeed the defeat of Nazi Germany were two such events that were influenced in outcome by ‘special’ envoys or of what may be termed as supernatural intervention…

~Both of the afore mentioned groups were of the core energy of the ‘Belial’ of Atlantis.

.. Had the two above referenced outcomes not been ‘supernaturally influenced’, the planet & humanity could have taken a vastly different probable reality path.

Now, before we continue, let us clearly reinforce the truth, which is that the Ascension of the Earth did in fact occur on the 12-12-12, and the Ascension of the critical-mass of Humanity is on path to occur in approximately ~15 generations. We tell you there have been envoys from the future than have come back in various time epoch holograms to insure this.


The period of European History referred to as the ‘Renaissance’, was underpinned & manifest by the purposed, mass influx, of highly advanced members of the ‘Law of One’ soul-group. It was this influx that began to extract , neutralize & convert the primal negativity which dominated the period called the ‘Dark Ages’, into a period of the ‘Rebirth of Light’….the Renaissance.

The Medieval period, that of the ‘Dark Ages’ emerged with the Fall of the Roman Empire, creating a time of lawlessness, looting rampages from warlords & primal regional conflict. Sects of monks & religious orders sought refuge in mountaintop monasteries to preserve literacy. Civilization deteriorated. The common populace, huddled around the various fortifications & castles of the wealthy and noble landowners for protection…in what emerged to become the ‘feudal system’.

After the Roman Empire fell, the Catholic Christian Papacy became increasingly dependent on an oft corrupt, self-serving aristocracy for support & protection. In the 1300’s, the Roman Church split under intense conflict, in an inflammatory struggle which led to a division termed as the ‘Great Schism’. This drastically divided Christianity, and led to further politicization of the Roman Catholic Church. There were opposing claims to the papacy. During this time, differing ‘popes claimed power in disruptive disputes. The split greatly weakened the Church’s control, and led to further corrupt alliances. Roman Catholic policies in this period, were fashioned to suit the powerful wealthy, Catholic monarchs of Europe…who often virtually controlled the Pontiff & Cardinals.

The Reformation (Protestant movement) began. Christianity’s control came under great threat, and the dark ‘Inquisition’ was formally created in Spain, and endorsed by the Roman Catholic Papacy. The energy of darkness often enters the realm of the ‘holy’ in the guise of religious zealotry, creating death, fear and destruction in the name of ‘Holy War’.

The Inquisition was indeed, dark energy, involving forced confessions, intense conversions, exile, heinous torture, heretical burnings, horrific fear & indeed, ‘ethnic cleansing’.

Many may not be aware, that the Jewish populace were the primary victims of the Inquisition, followed in numbers of deaths, by Protestants & Moors.

The Austrian Habsburg dynasty paired with (and controlled) the Spanish monarchy. Their vast armies controlled most of Europe, except for France. A mighty army was formed, which threatened to conquer not only Europe, but the ‘New World.

Had they not have been stopped, first by the protestant Queen Elizabeth (daughter of Ann Boleyn & Henry Vlll), and later by the Kings Louis 13 & 14, via Richelieu and Mazarin, respectively, in the Thirty Years war, a much different, sadly a much darker ‘New World’ would have resulted. It would have delayed both the planetary & human ascension.

We have shared with you previously that what may be termed as divine, ‘supernatural’ forces are capable of intervening in the course of human events. The highly, indeed, highly improbable defeat & virtual destruction of the Spanish Naval Armada in 1588, was such an event…a critical crossroad, a key juncture in the path of human civilization. However, the defeat of the Armada, was not a complete blockage of the ‘Inquisition Forces’… the final defeat occurred thru the efforts of France, during the reigns of France’s King Louis 13th and his son & heir, Louis 14th, the ‘Sun-King’.

Cardinals Richelieu & Mazarin

Both Louis 13th, Louis 14th & Cardinals Richelieu & Mazarin, were indeed, missioned members of the Atlantean, Law of One family. At the time of Louis 13th, France was as yet quite feudal, with no centralized government, no reaching scope of national law or power. Dukes, Barons and titled Feudal Lords ruthlessly, oft malevolently controlled fiefdoms with barbaric dictatorial iron fists.

Feudalism was a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries. Broadly defined, it was a harshly structured society around master-serf relationships derived from the holding of land by nobility, in exchange for ‘slavish’ service of labor. This then would include not only the control of the nobility but the correlating obligations of all three estates of the realm: the nobility, the priesthood/clergy, and the 99%-base commoners…those living day-to-day, on a survival basis, receiving scantily enough food to survive in return for relentless labor, ie the serfdom , fiefdom  peasantry bound by ‘manor-ism’ in feudal society.

J Tyberonn to Metatron: Fascinating! Can you speak further on the role of Cardinals Richelieu & Mazarin?

AAMetatron: Indeed. Your recorded history is oft subject to political bias, prejudice, and a premeditated tendency to record what the so called historians want you to believe, rather than what actually occurred. Indeed the fictional vilification of Richelieu & Mazarin, is quite unjustified, quite the contrary. They were honorable men, taking on enormous tasks….neither unscrupulous, nor corrupt.

Neither Richelieu, nor Mazarin, were in autonomous control….as some historians imply. Every major ruling & action required the consulted approval of the King, and oft were reviewed in oversight by courtesan councils. However, he, Richelieu was indeed the primary architect of the consolidation to a centralized kingdom rule, and Mazarin/Louis 14th, brilliantly completed what had been initiated by Richelieu under Louis 13th.

Edgar Cayce Reading 454-2: ‘During that early portion of Richelieu’s rule in the (French) land, when power was being sought – the entity acted much in that capacity of the go-between between the ruler in fact (Louis 13th) and the ruler in mental abilities (Richelieu) .’ (ECR – 454-2)

Now, the centralization of government was needed in order to amalgamate France under one rule. As we have stated, had this not occurred, the probable result, the probable reality course would have led to the Habsburg/Spanish conquering of Europe, the British Isles and the total control of colonizing the Americas.

The centralization of power, involved the disempowering of feudal Lords and many of the outlying nobility. Some of whom actually had fortresses, powerful armies and sufficient wealth to oppose Louis 13th & 14th, and the needed centralized rule. Richelieu, and later, Mazarin, were hate- targets from the opposition. Several colluded attempts were deceptively plotted to falsely attack their character, accuse them of treason and to poison both.

Both Richelieu and his chosen successor, Mazarin, were totally committed to their roles.

They did not have personal agendas, per sei. Both 1st Ministers, Cardinal Richelieu & Cardinal Mazarin were, by political/royal court design, placed in positions to be the brunt, the front line, the force behind government policy & action. The Kings were thus credited with successes, the 1st Ministers would bear the blame of any complaints, and the primary target of any ‘push-back’.

Both Richelieu & Mazarin were highly advanced, in administrative skills, willful determination and focal purpose.

Although entitled as Cardinals within the infrastructure of the Catholic ‘network’…both were expansive in their ‘religious’ views, with primary focus on their roles as 1st Ministers. Richelieu in fact, supported religious freedom, and not only supported protestant factions against the Catholic Hapsburg/Spanish nobility (controlled by the Hapsburgs), in the French defeat of the Huguenots, Richelieu did not follow the desires of the Queen Mother in executing the Huguenot leaders. Rather he allowed their religious freedom in return for loyalty pledges to the King (Louis 13th). His action, in essence, allowed for more religious freedom, and stopped the Inquisitional Forces.

However, because of his willingness to align France with protestant armies & governments, he was considered by Roman Catholic zealots as a hypocrite and betrayer of the (~corrupt) Roman Catholic Empire (& Spanish-Habsburg) Inquisition.

Both Richelieu & Mazarin were psychically embellished in many aspects. Both received what may be considered as ‘supernatural’ assistance in their difficult roles.

Both were ‘mystics’, by todays terms, both having had lifetimes as priests in Poseidia, Egypt, Rama-India, Zoroastrian Persia and in the Greco Pythagorean Mystery Schools … associated with the energy of the Edgar Cayce essence (as Ra-Ta and Pythagoras). However, psychic abilities, in this era, were required to be somewhat masked into more acceptable ‘Christian ‘dogma & modality. Both remained a ‘step ahead’ of their opposition, which was no minor feat, considering the intricate intrigue, cunning & deception within the royal courts of France at the time. Both Richelieu & Mazarin were alchemist.

Note: Edgar Cayce gave a life-reading for a female in 1932, (ECR- 1714-1) in which he noted that she had been a psychic channel ‘seer’ consulted by Richelieu.

Quote…. ‘We find (the entity then known as Katrina) in that land known, as in the French period, or during those of the Louis’s – during that period when Richelieu ruled with the greater strength. The entity one to whom Richelieu oft went as one seeking counsel from the incenses burned during that period…’ Unquote(E Cayce Reading 1714-1)

There were indeed many incarnate members of the Law of One in the royal house, by design, to support the mission.

Now, it is true that Richelieu & Mazarin were necessarily ‘authoritarian’, when rightful, but this was the needed discipline, mannerism & appropriate course of action required to consolidate France, in its higher purpose in stopping the movement of the dark forces, the ‘Belial’. Yet both were dedicated to their purposes, and indeed were supporters and patrons of the arts, and did much to establish academies, arts & educational institutions & universities.

Although King Louis 13th & King Louis 14th were reincarnational members of the Law of One, only Louis 14th, was highly developed in mental ability, and strength. Without the two 1st Ministers, neither Louis 13th, nor Louis 14th would have been able to complete the task, the purpose at hand. But the reverse is also true, without the strong support of King Louis 13 & King Louis 14, the mission would not have been completed.

For what we are telling you, is that the blocking of the Habsburg-Spanish group, including the 2 prongs, 1) the defeat of the massive Armada, and 2) the defeat of the massive Austro-Spanish armies, was a ‘supernatural’ intervention. The 3d odds, the physical plane probability favored, in this scenario, the Spanish-Habsburg conquoring Europe and dominating the ‘New World’.


In a parallel realm, this undesirable outcome occurred. It was prevented by ‘changing the past’. Such is the unrecognized power of the innate ‘good’ of collective mind aligned to the forces of good, that termed the divine.   Do you understand ? There have been many such interventions.

As another interesting historical note, both Richelieu and Mazarin recognized the ‘true’ attributes & benefits of crystals, gemstones, and precious metals. Most of the royals, nobles & aristocracy collated and wore gems embellished and ornately mounted in gold and silver, but did not truly understand their powers, and wore them merely as pronounced demonstrative vanities of wealth and adornments of nobility & entitlement.

Editor Insert Notation : It is noted (Wikipedia) that Richelieu wore a 20 carat diamond ring, and collected quartz ‘rock crystals’, which were base mounted in pure gold. Mazarin had a vast collection of diamonds, one exceeding 50 carats. All of which were donated to the crown at their passing.


The Law of One ‘Soul Family’ have been together for many many incarnations. Initially in Atlantis, followed by group sojourns in Egypt, Peru (OG), India, Persia, Tibet, Judea, Greece, Europe & the Americas.

It is interesting, in the chronology of lifetimes, how souls transfer, alternate sojourns between lifetimes of power, and lifetimes of servitude. Each of you will in time, will absolutely experience lifetimes in scripted roles in positions of power & authority. These are balanced, in purposed curriculum, thru a separate series, a succinct thread of sojourns, learning the attributes of service, often in scenarios of poverty…

In the purposed illusion of the ‘University of Duality’, the testing ground termed the Earthplane, there is ‘free-will’. In the ‘Terra’ polarity realm, opposites exist, and evolving souls are learning the powerful lessons of ‘responsible co-creation’.

All of you will make mistakes, all of you will have successes. Dear Ones, you learn thru both…all in time. The illusion of time ! And Masters, when you graduate from linear time, from the University of Earth, as all of you will… you will realize in a moment of clarity that all time is simultaneous, and all probabilities existed at once ! The ‘supernatural’ interventions, are indeed fashioned from the collective minds of the Gods in Training…. You ! Yes Indeed…all of You !

If the illusion of 3d did not feel real, you would not learn. Indeed the pains you feel, the joys you experience, are real…and serve your growth & expansion. Masters, nothing is final, all is dynamic! Each of you can change the past as well as the future. You fashion the chords, one sojourn at a time, in this extraordinary creative journey, until the symphonies of your lives becomes a masterpiece of the Divine. And the fact that most of you will not truly know how truly magnificent, how truly beautiful this melodic experience truly is, until it is completed, is a testament to your worthiness and courage.

I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service….and we share with you these Truths. You are beloved!

And so it Is…And it is So…

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