Samhain Birthday

From my journal, “30 Days”:

The synchronicities in the life I chose for this ‘time’ on planet Earth -they are many, these synchronicities.

I’ve noticed much during the many years, yet it is only Now that it all begins to come-together – all the puzzle pieces are fitting.

This writing is part of my journal, yet it is intended to be shared.
I write much and often, as there is no one with whom to express these thoughts and wisdom – and more than that, there is no one who would believe my true story or even care. So my words seem random, my text is unedited – raw, naked and open. 

These are ramblings – well worth their intent to bring solace, quiet contemplation, and answers to the puzzle of my life(s) and my soul’s journey through Ancient times (and before) to the present.

My ramblings, my synchronicities.
My birth-name provided clues, also did my date of birth — the name Glasco for a place in Scotland, November 7th birth for the sabbat of Samhain, and a father whose name is Robert E. 
All of these are/were clues synchronous with my life(s), my path, my purpose.

This year especially, my birthday seemed/seems to be on/in my mind much more than most years. I am not one for big celebrations nor have I ever made much of or had any expectations surrounding birthdays. I seldom considered one’s age or aging to be of importance. And unlike many people, I revere age and have great respect for ancient lives and ancient wisdom.

The triple goddess is the Maiden, the Mother, and she is the Wise Woman of Age. I am all three. I respect all three, yet I have always mostly felt the ‘wise’ one. I am certainly She.

However, not until this year was I was made aware of my beingness with/of the Goddess Morrigan. So there has been much consciousness these days of how the puzzle fits together.

I honor two birthdays during this Samhain portal – one for this lifetime, November 7th, and one for another Scorpio lifetime and Samhain birth of my soul on November 2, 1755.

There is much for which to be grateful and much work yet to do on the puzzle pieces as they continue to surface and fit together.

The journey is interesting and I have always been honest with myself, but Now I am ready to be open and share this honesty/truth of my path, ancient and modern, to share my true story, the wisdom and more …

Mashanya Allah-Ma/Marie Antoinette

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Bottom image: my own monogram

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Pagan Goddess Chronicles

Chapter 1 – the Goddess Reveal

For all of the talk nowadays about pretty much everyone/anyone being a ‘goddess’, very few who use this ‘title’ give mind to what and who the Goddess actually is in the his/herstory of this planet Earth — what role She played and is playing. Who has She been and who really is She.

Few (if any) realize that they are using a very real title in a generic sense, and that the actual Goddess from Pagan (pre-Christian) times and beyond continues to bless this planet in many guises.

There is still much lower energy of the patriarchy, especially the deeply entrenched beliefs and influences of the patriarchal religious institutions, to be cleared from the unconscious condition of humans before the Goddess will reveal Herself from the shadows and actually come forth most openly.

There are many humans who have been entrenched in the agenda of post-pagan ideology which has tried to demonize the feminine and accordingly the Goddess. The details of this massacre of the feminine are deep and depressing for humanity and a story best left to some other writing.

It’s been a slow, painful process for me to realize just how deeply entrenched the patriarchal energy is in the human psyche not only on the lower realms of consciousness, but also at some of the higher realms of consciousness.

It is, however, time to begin preparation for the eventual ‘reveal’ of the true Goddess. I will keep this simple, step-by-step, — and for now only list a few of the Pagan Goddesses who are here on Earth in the shadows while humans begin their journey of awakening.

I will concentrate on the Dark Goddess(es), and the triple Goddess. This is the ‘One of many names’ — the One that I know intimately. She/They are most often misunderstood even by those few who have some understanding of the Dark Goddess, about Her workings/service, and openly worship Her.

Many people recoil at mention of the Dark Goddess yet are delighted to embrace the idea of a fluffy/delicate goddess. I have noticed how these same individuals often seem to desire to have the ‘darker’ aspects as part of their fluffy/delicate perceptions of their ‘ideal’ goddess. These individuals seem to like the idea of a ‘bad-ass’ but remain entrenched in the post-Pagan/Christian ideology of the soft subordinate feminine for their comfort zone.

It surprises me how many of these individuals are in positions as guides/leaders/teachers of deeply spiritual matters and are yet caught up in this difficult conundrum of restrictive comfort with the patriarchal feminine image for goddess, and yet deeply desire the Dark Goddess.

My goal here is to reveal that the Dark Goddess serves a purpose and is/has been very much present on planet Earth through the darkest centuries of human unconsciousness.

She has continuously taken on human form in many guises. And She is in human form quietly in the shadows during this current time of awakening. She is not to be confused with the generic goddess who is so often brandished about these days. And, She will come out of the shadows when the planet is ready to receive Her!

I will begin this exposé with a few brief excerpts from conversations I have been having with Goddess Kali

Marie Antoinette =  Mashanya Allamah

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Welcome to Eclipse Season 2022

New Moon/Black Moon/Partial Eclipse

April 30, 2022 New Moon will be the second new moon to occur within one month
thus referred as a ‘Black Moon’.

New Moons are always a ‘time’ of re-set,
so, set your intentions for this month…

and appreciate the extra benefit of the beginning Eclipse Season for 2022
which is also a time of re-set, opening new opportunities for you and for all Beings …

Savor this special ‘time’ on Earth

Much Love,
Marie Antoinette - Mashanya Allamah

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These Times — on Planet Earth

Seen over Zadar, Croatia today
April 21, 2022

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Am I Ascending?


Humanity is indeed living through a very intense ‘time’ that has been long predicted by prophets throughout the ages.

The planet Earth is experiencing a major upgrade, as are You and all Earth Beings. This is an upgrade to higher consciousness, – from 3D to 5th Dimensional consciousness and beyond. For this to occur, all lower vibrational energies (for the individual and the collective) must be broken down and purged.

The entire galaxy and universe are also ascending. Creation is forever expanding, creation ever flows.

It is much easier and graceful to go along with the flow rather than to be in resistance. Lack of understanding, lack of resilience and/or lack of acceptance can make this experience less graceful and more difficult. Once one becomes aware and gains some understanding, the flow is easier and the resistance eases, then the acceptance becomes possible.

Earth is increasingly being bombarded by healing Source Light/Energy to facilitate the ascension upgrades. One way to visualize these Cosmic Events is to view some of the charts that measure/monitor the Solar Flares, the CMEs(Coronal Mass Ejections), and Solar Storms – all of which are projecting powerful energies to the Earth (charts and videos are available if you search for them on-line). It is your response to these incoming Energies that intensifies your personal indicators/symptoms.

What are some personal Indicators/Symptoms?
You can monitor the cosmic activity charts, but a more personal awareness is achieved by recognizing your own symptoms/indicators of the ascension/upgrade process. Each person’s experience is unique and you may experience many of these indicators or perhaps none or only a few.

You may begin to notice how your indicators correspond to the amount and type of Energy being blasted to the Earth. Indicators/symptoms may be more intense during magnetic storms or CMEs, or during certain astrological configurations – all of which are becoming more and more constant and intense as the process proceeds.

You are unique so honor your own experience and try not to compare yourself to others and try not to have expectations. All experience or lack of conscious experience is valid. Also realize that you may have been experiencing some of these indicators and have not been aware of the cause. Listen to your inner-knowing and relax.

Below is a list of a few common Indicators/Symptoms:
Change in sleep patterns – lack of sleep or unusual need for more sleep
Hot and/or cold flashes throughout the body
Body aches, headaches
Tooth, mouth, jaw pain
Mood changes/anxiety/depression
Dizzy spells, feeling ungrounded
Foggy mind, you lose ability to ‘think’/remember/process information (your mind goes ‘off-line’  to allow inner awakening)
Foggy eyesight
Ringing in the ears
Hair loss
Nose bleeds
Feeling exhausted
Feeling ‘high/buzzed’
Heart palpitations
Tingly sensations in parts of the body
Numbness in the face
Temporary muted hearing ability/blocked ears/pressure in ear(s)
Sinus problems
Unusual skin conditions
Digestive issues, appetite changes, bloating

These are only a few of the indicators – the list seems endless. This is a major process as your body is changing from a carbon-based vehicle to a crystalline base, so these are huge upgrades to all of your bodily systems and to your DNA.

Interestingly, many of these symptoms are common for women with PMS, or during pregnancy or menopause. After all, you are birthing a new You and a new Planet.
Embrace the experience and live in gratitude and Love.

Following is a list of some ways you can ease these symptoms, — learn to go with the flow, and embrace your experience.

What Can I do?
* Listen to your inner guidance
* Drink plenty of pure non-fluoride water (note: fluoride calcifies the pineal-gland/3rd-eye)
* Epsom salt soaks and/or foot baths
* Spend time in Nature, walk barefoot on the earth
* Stay away from lower vibration 3D experience as much as possible.
Main-stream Media (MSM), and most TV programs are full of low vibrations and
mind control programming.   Remember the goal is to ascend to higher frequencies of 5D.
* Get plenty of rest – your masculine aspect plays a role of outer activity,
take some time to be in touch with your feminine side for relaxation/inner-activity.
Find balance in your life.
* Crystals can be beneficial – keep crystals on your body and/or in your energy field
-choose  your favorites, maybe clear quartz, rose quartz, or amethyst
* Stay in the Heart as much as possible and less in the Head.
* Value yourself and your experience
* Appreciate that you (at a Soul level) chose to be on Earth at this ‘time’ for this transition.

And Remember,
Nothing is as It Seems … yet Everything is as It Should Be

All Love,

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Expect the Unexpected

For the 1st time since 1856:

We will remain in the heart and power of this energy
as the magic happens …

Be open to the Unknown
Be ready for Change
Adjust your perception of Reality

So much is happening
& though you may be weary
be prepared for the magic …

Spread the Love
Spread the Light,


Marie Antoinette =  Mashanya Allamah

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Just So You Know …

With Much Love,
Much Light

Marie Antoinette/Mashanya Allamah

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‘Ancient Wisdom’ – New Direction for IPW

Hekates Temple So, it’s been a while since my most recent post on Inner Path Wisdom.  However, I have now received a ‘nudge’ and a reminder that I ‘have much to say’.  And I am guided to move on to the next step on my earth mission.

A point had been reached at which there was no more to be said about the dissolution of old Earth. There was (and still is) enough information available for those who seek, or those who still struggle with finding their sovereignty, or those who still follow the manufactured ‘news’ in main stream media replete with clones, actors, and other sort of ‘movie magic’.

Each individual knows at a soul-level that which is best for them, and can/will make their choices accordingly.  I hope all the information that has been shared is helpful for those in the process of making choices/decisions using discernment and free-will.

For me it is time to now move on to those topics that will be beneficial on a level beyond that of exposing the ‘play of Light and dark’ on earth. It is time to fully embrace the new Earth that is being created.

I have been advised that “You have much to say”. When I asked “about what?”, I was told “many things”. This is my own soul-self that I follow, and there are many topics that I am here to present on the Inner Path to Wisdom.

My name is Mashanya Allamah.  ‘Mashanya’ is my soul-name, and ‘Allamah’ is my title. 
This information was shared/given/granted to me by Archangel Metatron in 2019.

“Mashanya” indicates One who is Seeker of Highest Truth, and Who illumines the Inner-Soul path for others.  The title “Allamah” has much to do with Wisdom/Truth/Knowledge. Often I choose to use the spelling Allah-Ma, a topic which I will explore in future posts.

Wisdom/Truth is my soul’s essence. And for my earth mission, this essence morphs into many roles. As a Divine Healer I carry codes of healing energy to be shared with the Earth and Her many Elementals, Animals, Plants, Trees, Humans, and all Beings. As a part of this role I am creating a site called Ancient Wisdom Temple where I will offer Transference Healing® sessions. Healing will be one of the next most important steps for humanity as well as for all Beings on earth, individually and collectively. There is much wounding to be cleared and I will soon be sharing much more on this topic.

Another major role I am here to play is as an ambassador for the Elemental Kingdoms. This is an area that I will explore and shed more Light on for Inner Path Wisdom (IPW). There are also many other roles that I am currently playing, such Grid Stabilizer, Stargate Keeper, and the role of transmuting negative energy into Light. I will eventually write about those relationships with Mother Earth, Her ascension, and the process of ascension for humanity.

I’ve been on Earth as a Master Soul, – ascended then chose to return – many, many times , since Earth’s earliest existence. There is much to say about the history/her-story and about some of the many stories I’ve played in since ancient times and moving forward.

So I have much to do, much to “say”, and it’s time to take this New Direction on Inner Path Wisdom (IPW). Join me as I shed the Light on many topics and we can travel together through these insights with wisdom/truth/knowledge, and grace.

Namaste, Sat Nam, Adonai,

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Next Step ~ Be Prepared

It is now a peculiar ‘time’ for those who ‘see’ and ‘know’ that which many others are unable to see/know/accept/understand/witness with closed eyes and manipulated minds.

It is also a ‘time’ for patience and perseverance while much goes on behind-the-scenes in terms of moving to the next-step of disclosure and opening of minds to the bits of truth that can be digested/handled by the uninitiated.

For those who are as yet unable to ‘see the Light’ – just ‘hold on’ and be prepared for that which will ‘soon’ become inescapable to turn a blind-eye on. And though I use the word ‘soon’ please understand that no one is able to predict exact dates for events, as much depends on the collective consciousness which is constantly changing. So when you read exact dates for events/predictions keep in mind that your consciousness as part of the collective will have an effect on when and how things happen – the given dates are only based on a current set of possibilities/probabilities. However, it is certain that the Light has Won and is ‘soon’ to be played out on the physical plane when all is in place and the collective consciousness is ready…

Following are two quotes with links to full contentAnd as always use your inner-wisdom and discernment to take that which feels right to accept, discard, or save for later.

“Dearest Souls … within all that is occurring during this CHANGE OVER on your Planet … it would be very difficult to avoid certain matters. This change over from dark to Light ruling your Planet is far, far, far more complex than the ‘human’ brain can actually grasp … with the greatest of respect.”  continue to full content here

Then this,
The phrase “Conspiracy Theory” was created by the Hidden Enemy working within the US government (CIA), for the purpose of deflecting truth seekers who were becoming aware of the Truth behind the Kennedy assassination.   And the phrase has conveniently been successfully used since then to control those who dare to think critically and exercise their sovereignty as Beings of Divine Source.

So for all those crazy conspiracy theorists — this is for you  …continue to full content here

Much Love

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What’s Next? ~ the Restored Republic and Trump

Trump will take office as the 19th President of the United States on March 4th under the restored Republic.  Let’s explain:”  follow this link to entire article… 

USA  Now Under Martial Law ~ 1/21/21 

Trump Ode to the Corporation ~1/20/21

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