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“I have read a lot about the things that are coming and how our lives will be changed. I would like to know more about the Event and what will happen to the way we live. I’m looking forward to a better life in the Golden Age. Some things that I’m having problems with, is what Ashtar is going to do on earth.

I read where Ashtar will close all slaughter houses and I guess chicken processing plants, that we will not eat the meat of animals. I work at a chicken plant, I can see the loss of thousands of jobs, so no more steaks or burgers, right? How will that help us in the New Age coming?

And I read that he will turn all inmates loose to roam the streets, I have also worked at a lock-up facility, and there are people that do not need to be set free, so I don’t understand that.

What about all the religions of the world, it’s all so confusing, will there be a universal kind of worship that all can worship in one accord, I hope so! I guess I can come up with a lot more questions in time, also, will I be able to take a ride on a UFO!! I hope you can help me with these questions, thanks, Ronnie.”

Ashtar:  “Well, you certainly have been thinking about the Golden Age!  But, you are relating all of your questions to what is the ‘status quo’ in your 3D World.  So, in a general answer to your queries, there will be changes in all ways, and these will indeed allow you to live in a much Higher Vibration, where you will have complete Truth.  Thus you will not have these same concerns!  (I will also state that, those ‘future’ actions in your questions which you mention are attributed to me, did not come through this Voice.)

“To be specific, people will have so much abundance that they will not need to work at any particular j-o-b-s.  They will be free to pursue whatever interests they have.  As their bodies transmute into the crystalline state, they will not nourish themselves as they do now, but the exact moment when this change is completed will vary with each person.  Meanwhile, everyone will make their own individual choices about eating meat.  It is always wise to bless all that you eat and drink!

“NESARA mandates the setting free only of those who have not committed violence, and have been unjustly imprisoned for any reason, be it false charges, unjust applications of laws – or the laws themselves – or unduly harsh sentences.  And each case will be reviewed to be sure that there will be no other problems in the future.  All laws will be reviewed and they must comply with the Constitution.  Those who have been imprisoned for violent actions against others will be given new and true rehabilitation services.  And, those who do not want to live in the Golden Age way will be able to continue their imprisonment lessons on the new 3D earth.

“As to religions, all that is false and controlling will be transmuted by the Higher Energies of Truth.  So, yes, they will change, and everyone will be free to belong to a religion, or spiritual group, if they so desire.  But, true spirituality does not require membership in any group.  It is about each individual recognizing his/her own Divinity, and entering into loving relationship within himself/herself, and from there, with all loving beings in the World and the Universe beyond!

“There will be opportunities for everyone to ride in the starships, while they remain in their bodies!  Meanwhile, many do come, traveling up and out of their physicalities to do so in a meditational or dream state.  It is often challenging to have memories of this, but I can assure you that this is true.  You are most welcome to come to the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem – you have often done so before!!!”


* Previously published in an Ashtar On The Road newsletter.

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