Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael: Seeking Peace from Within

Beloved masters, it is time to take an inventory of what you are thinking and the emotional energy you are projecting during these days of conflict, turmoil and stress on your planet. Are you diluting or distorting the aura of … Continue reading →

Archangel Michael: the Time is Now

Dear Ones, You are well aware that Mother Earth and ALL Humanity are currently in a pattern of transition and transformation. You are witnessing extreme weather patterns, hurricanes, earthquakes etc etc. All perfectly aligned to bring the Earth back into … Continue reading →

Archangel Michael: Disconnect from Fear and Confusion

Greetings, it is I Archangel Michael!! I am not usually the one at the forefront of Shelly’s channeling but I am always present in the background.  I wanted to speak out at this time because of this transformation taking place. … Continue reading →

Archangel Michael: Prepare for an Amazing Future

Dear Ones, Can you feel the cleansing happening? The purging of all that no longer serves you. The releasing of the “old you,” old habits, beliefs etc, all leaving during this retrograde/eclipse time. Lesson for this Season: Leave the past … Continue reading →

Archangel Michael: Rejoice on this Earth

Dear Ones, Truly a time to rejoice on this Earth! You are flowing with ALL that is unravelling  on these shifting timelines. Riding the waves like Masters. Many still remain unsure as to what is unravelling, but KNOW within your … Continue reading →