Archangel Chamuel: Journey to Archangel

Inner Path WisdomI think you will enjoy the following post as much as I did.  It is written and was posted by James who has begun to express his multidimensional self.  This is a story to which I can relate and a story that will be similar to those told by others as they awaken to their roles during these times.

Archangel Chamuel – Journey to Archangel Part 2 – We ARE the Transformation

I am Archangel Chamuel.  And I am writing to you as the human aspect of my multidimensional being.  I also have clarity as to why I am here at this particular point in our ascension process, and what my role is.  And as well, recognize the very deliberate path I have been guided along during this lifetime.

The voice now reflects my true self.  The hesitancy we have in choosing to do so, comes from our human self, and only demonstrates the habit we have had of reverting to an almost automatic response in fear, the echoes of which have even now lost their experiential usefulness.

It could no doubt be more comfortable to hold back from being our expanded multidimensional selves, recognizing the sometimes subtle, or perhaps significant, necessary resulting changes in our life, and relationship with and to others, but this rationalization will only lose its value over time.

It is quite amazing when you are consciously aware that fear has left you.  Even when you search your thoughts and emotions that frequency is not easily found.  What a revelation, to understand that you have integrated enough light within your human self, to finally realize that you are free of one of the most negative emotions which plagues us at different times, for different reasons, during our journeys here on Earth.

It is truly all the evidence we could ever need that epochal change has come upon us.

We ARE The Transformation

For those of us who now more consciously recognize ourselves as multidimensional beings, the new reality is beginning to dawn.  We ARE the transformation.

And we are at a crossroads as such – perhaps THE crossroads of our humanity.  Using the Creator gifts now returned to us in full, means a radical shift in how we view the world.  Accepting that there is nothing outside of us, despite what our senses may tell us.  And to continually use our multidimensional resources as our guide, trusting that the guidance we receive is for mutual benefit for all, and for the highest good.

Because it is only through transforming of ourselves will we understand the process of the creation and co-creation of the New Earth.

Imagine for a moment that you should create consciously every step and every action or activity that you take, in every “now” moment.

It also means learning to “let go” of the process.  When an intention is made in good conscience, for mutual benefit, using the energy of conscious creation and manifestation we relax, and let it unfold in divine timing.

It also means understanding that our  fundamental principles should now align with Universal Laws, even if our society at large is unaware of what these are.

We must BE the example and pioneers in real-time.  The general population will never believe that real change is upon us without tangible evidence that daring to have hope again is really possible.  Unfortunately, the past has too many examples of just the opposite.

And we must consciously leave duality behind, while we ponder, visualize, and start in earnest with this transformation.

There is no current infrastructure for what we want to create.  And it will not be enough just to dream.  Our multidimensional selves have provided us the tools and guidance.  But it is us, as the human aspects who must bring it to fruition.

There are those of us who understand that our reason for being here at this time, is for exactly this point in our ascension process.  Whether as leaders, influencers, or active participants, we are being shown and reminded in an orchestrated array of channeled messages, and through various non-physical entities.

These messages are resonating because the potential promise before us is our reason for existing at this time.

As a people we want hope, we want to inspire, we want to dream.  And most of all we want to manifest all of these things we hope for and desire.  To finally be in a position to actually do so, is truly a  divine blessing.

But it will require that we leave our old life behind.  Yes, we need to interact with what is still dominant around us, but consciously we focus our energy and attention on first transforming ourselves, and then our world.

For many, having belief and faith in something that they cannot measure or use their physical senses to verify, is difficult.  We, who are well along on our own paths, may well have forgotten when we were able to make that spiritual “leap of faith”.

However, in my case, as often happens, we are only able to recognize a more completed puzzle, when most of the pieces have already been placed.

I offer a part of my own journey as an example.

Astrology, Numerology, Jane Roberts and Seth, Deepak Chopra… etc

Like many other lightworkers and lightwarriors, I was drawn to the esoteric at a relatively young age.  I first became interested in astrology as a teenager, because I was very skeptical of it.  However, as I read more, and especially gained some insight into my own chart, I soon realized that it did indeed have some merit.

With both my Sun and Moon signs in conjunction, in Cancer, and placed in the 12th house, along with Uranus in Leo during my time of birth, it seemed the occult was part of my destiny. (My rising sign is Leo).

It was sometime after that I also became interested in Numerology.  (My Life Path number is 9, and Destiny Number is 8). That as well I found fascinating. It was during my later teens, in high school, that I started to understand that I could “read” people.  Fellow schoolmates, and others I knew would ask for advice on a regular basis.

I already knew that I was different, which I embraced.  I sense now that I was somehow protected.  That I carried some form of energy where rather than being teased or bullied for being different, I was either left alone, or was approached as someone who had more understanding about life, and was more serious than our contemporaries.

I was not really interested in being a “kid”.  My parents used to say that I was “15 going on 40”, in terms of maturity, and my interests.  I loved to read, and be alone.  Definitely not social, and never felt the need to smoke, drink alcohol, or experiment with any drugs.  Just somehow I understood even then, that there was nothing outside of your natural self that you needed.  Anything, and everything you might need to experience the “highs” of life, I believed you had access to by going inside of yourself.

I also felt this sense of urgency.  That I needed to be an adult as soon as possible.  I was also incredibly naive about some things.  In some very basic ways I was innocent.  I credit the wisdom of my parents for this as well.  Being such a sensitive child, I could feel things much more deeply.  And so I am grateful that I never experienced any real trauma growing up.  For some, it may have been an integral and perhaps necessary part of their journey.  For me it would have had a much more detrimental impact, and interfered with the role that I have now.

I also want to mention how grateful I am for the wisdom both my parents shared their children and others.  And it was my mother especially, an Aquarius, who actively, and routinely encouraged all of her six children, to be our own individual, unique selves.  Reinforcing her belief that those who take personal responsibility for their respective lives, should be able to live them as they choose.

My best friend during my teenage, and then early adulthood timeframe, was also a guide for me, and now I understand part of my soul group.

He was as irresponsible as I was responsible.  It was his love of life and experience though that helped me grow and develop, and finally “experience” life myself, and vicariously.

He was also instrumental in bolstering my interest in esoteric or occult ideas, personages, and related material.

He was the first to ever mention “Ramtha” to me, in the late 1970’s or early 80’s. However, it took over 35 years before I actually encountered material from him.

It was connected to my best friend though that I started reading the “Seth” books, channeled by the late Jane Roberts.  This again was the late 1970’s and 1980’s, when the interest in these books though international, was still favored by a select audience.  For me they were captivating, and confirmed what I had just instinctively understood – that there is something “more” to life than what we can “see and feel” with our physical senses.

Over the years, I have read each one of these series of “Seth” books, as well as Jane Roberts own related works several times.  And each time, learning, and gleaning something new or different than the previous readings.

The books of Deepak Chopra came to me at just the right moment.  After spending years along my career path, ambitious as I was, I still understood that I was different than many of my colleagues.

His books reminded me that “life” could be viewed differently.  Resonating with so many others worldwide as well, I appreciated the writing style explaining the relatively complex ideas, in such a way as to be approachable, and instructive, with the exercises he included.

I have recommended some of these books for all of my clients, and have reread them numerous times, again, always revealing something more than the previous readings.

Of course I also read other material, from various authors.  Much of it confirmed the basic premises of spiritual teachings – the journey begins by going inside of yourself, and learning to trust what you receive, using discernment.  And most importantly, we are all ONE.  Separation is only an illusion.

I should also add another sense I felt, and message that my inner voice repeated often – “Stay humble”, and to remember that you are “the good guy”.

I felt this strongly inside of me.  Strong empathy was a big part of it, but even more it was that I was here to help some people.  Perhaps those whom life had not been so kind to.  When I would meet some particular people, I would openly say, and think – you must have done something good because you met me – and I REALLY AM the good guy, someone you can (finally) trust. And usually they would trust me, and often thank me, for actually being, and doing, what I said I would.

I knew that I was protected, and taken care of, as well as never alone, and would never “lose” anything by helping others, even seemingly at the expense of myself.

Throughout my earlier adult life I was also given “assignments”.  Looking back, I now understand that it was training, and experience.  I would meet someone and understand that I should connect and support them in some way. Of course, this is always for some mutual benefit, but exactly how, may not be clear until later.

In probably the most significant of these, which lasted several years, I understood that in return for my support and aid, my career would flourish.  And understand, this came from my non-physical spirit guides, no actual “words” were ever spoken.  But the message was absolutely clear.  And by the way, proved accurate.  My career “took off” during that time, while I did “service to others” in the form of, now I understand, an incarnated angel, and perhaps volunteer, who was having serious problems adjusting to life here.  This required  housing, financial, and emotional support, until they were able to become more independent, which eventually did happen.

One crucial and long lasting lesson was internalized during this experience.  This person “heard voices”.  They would converse with these voices, which at the time for me, had a biblical tone.  They also acted quite erratically at times in public, which led to other problems.  However, I never felt that this person was crazy.  What I understood at some level, was that they were not grounded enough in this dimensional reality.

And so the lesson I learned was to always keep “one foot” in this reality, to stay grounded, otherwise you could get lost here.  And I kept this as part of my daily intention statements, and within my conscious awareness, until just months ago, when I understood that it was now no longer necessary.

There is also one other stage that I should mention.  And that was learning to handle my mood swings.  As a sensitive empath, during my young adult years, I was very moody, soaking up and reflecting the energies around me.  It took some time, and some reading about this, which I was guided to, to learn how to protect myself.  I remember having to repeat to myself, “this is not me”, when I would encounter someones negative energy, and would start to reflect it.

It was very relieving when I finally internalized this practice, and could just be “myself” again.

Government Service

My more traditional career found me as a leader and manager of people, programs, but especially projects – planning, managing and implementing them.  Over my 20 year career, I led organizations from tens to hundreds of people, with mirroring budget authority sums in the millions.

It was however the last position in government that signaled a turning point in my life.

The last years of my government career, which I spent leading a program focused on providing tools for economic viability for the socially and economically marginalized, primarily racial minority students, from poorly funded and supported educational institutions, had been a wake up call.

I was asked to lead this particular effort, no doubt, because I was a racial minority.  I was also, at the time, one of only two racial minority career employees at my senior position level in our administrative building.  Fortunately, this program was considered “The Secretary’s” (the head of the Department) program, and so I had a very supportive environment.  This support and relationship greatly benefited those students, families, and schools we worked with. It was also important that they could see someone, “who looked like them”, in a leadership position of responsibility.

I also realized that it was this type of experience, not focused on myself, but instead helping and supporting very deserving students, that touched me deeply.  The circumstances they encountered were systemic and institutional.  And it denied them what we need most in a competitive system – access to opportunity.

Let me add another note before moving on.  Any measure of professional success is not often achieved alone.  And throughout my career I have been very fortunate to have those who recognized any potential that I had, and helped and supported my development in various ways.  My gratitude to them is beyond words.

Since we understood that higher education was the key for the students in our program, that was our focus. And we provided not only on-site employees to help, but as well training programs, and college entry support.  I am very proud to say that during my time there, we were successful in making a small difference – but a difference nonetheless.

It was when I met parents at an event after the conclusion of the paid summer internships we provided, and watching some in tears of gratefulness, that I understood what real “job satisfaction” is.

It was also during this time that I recognized that I could make a positive difference for others, that would be mutually beneficial.  I was recognized and rewarded, as a very competent leader and manager of people, projects, and organizations.  With both visionary and strategic talents, but as well with empathy – and I would actually listen to others.

The question for myself was about how best to do this.  In an executive role, where I could support and promote those whose values I felt were similar to mine?  Or from a position of leadership in a non-governmental organization, or my preference, a key position in a foundation?

However, none of these came to pass. Instead I chose to move to Europe, leaving a successful twenty year career behind, and several other offers in the non-profit area.

Having completed my college education later in life, I chose to immediately pursue my Masters degree in International Relations, with a focus on International Political Economy, in an international program from a university in Europe.

A Real Education

And what I learned was a revelation to me.  Having spent many years focusing on my own career, until my last position with the government, I was shocked to realize just how lopsided our neo-liberal capitalist system had become.

The activist in me was energized. The institutional  inequality that I had experienced through my leadership of the education support program, had been part of my reason for leaving the U.S.

And now, to realize that the woeful unequal distribution of just about every material need, natural or otherwise, was not only global, but a purposeful act, distressed and angered me.

With my professional background, and spiritual underpinning, I was not content to do nothing.  But despite being a “dreamer”, I am also a pragmatist.  I do not like to imagine things I cannot in some way bring to fruition.

And so my writings for my course of study reflected this. I prepared a presentation titled:

“Where is the Revolution? And when (if) It comes who will lead it?”

My conclusion was that it must be people like me and my fellow students, who must “be” the “somebodies” to do it, because we are in a position to, and because silence is compliance.

And my thesis proposed a hypothetical future, some might call utopian, “New World Order”, that would dramatically transform the current system.

It was in part, appropriately, and fortuitously, titled: “A Strategy for Transformation”, in which I hypothesized, using as a basis, the then current geopolitical conditions at the beginning of this century.  I then extrapolated them assuming a progressive trajectory. This I proposed, could lead to how dramatic change could be signaled basically overnight, if European Union (EU) leaders adopted some considered radical, but feasible, policies and laws that had been proposed.  And in addition, mandated some “voluntary compliance” activities from the corporate community.

And as I have said, being both an idealist, and pragmatist, it was written so that it could be taken seriously, further developed with more detailed planning, and then over time, implemented.

This futuristic vision fundamentally shifted the value system.  For a start, protecting and restoring the environment, and basic human and humanitarian values would become the basis of our experience.  Meaning that this new value system must be used for any and all decisions and choices made for all governments, institutions, and the business community.

Interestingly, I suggested that this type of change could happen “sometime after 2012”.

It is also not coincidental that it was earlier this year, when I started receiving the angel messages about the coming changes in my life, that my thesis was one of the first things that I was guided to rediscover and reread, after 15 years.

Of course, back then, after 9/11 in the U.S., anything considered “radical” became “terrorist”, so as was intended, the focus changed, and money and energy was spent elsewhere.

I have previously recounted in the part one of this journey, my most recent years living and working in Europe.

Time for Me

My decision to move to Europe rather than pursue any of the offers of employment I had in the non-profit sector, came at a point in life where we often reflect on where we have been, and contemplate what is to come.

This was also the period when I experienced my own “spiritual leap”, through recognizing that I could love unconditionally.   A very powerful, and empowering feeling and sense of emotional release.

I will openly admit that this was a mid-life crisis time for me.  While it may occur in your mid-thirties to 50’s and sometimes beyond, for most people their 40’s are the time period where major life changes can take place.  I have called it a period of “temporary insanity”, based on some of the stories and unfortunate decisions made during this time that were told to me by those either experiencing it themselves, or being affected by someone else’s.

Having worked steadily from the age of 18, and even having had a paper route in my preteens for a few years, I wanted to take a break.

As well, as a polarized “service to others” person, I felt it was time just to focus on myself. And being in a completely new environment can allow you the opportunity to reinvent yourself as you choose.

Attending the University and my chosen line of study, was an excellent way to spend that time.

It was incredibly liberating.  Being able to center myself, and find some balance.  It also removed any obligations to meet others expectations, and judgments.  All you need are your own, if you choose to have them.

We might call this being “positively selfish”, or my preference now, “self care”.

And it is a priority we must take seriously.  Especially for those of us who carry the light for others.  I often use the airline safety example: “put your mask on first, before helping anyone else with theirs”.  Without taking care of yourself first, your “sacrifice” will have been in vain, if it prevents you from helping and supporting others in the future.

Often we learn this the hard way.  But it is not necessary if we remember that to really support others effectively, we should view and feel it positively, and not as obligation.  That energy of joy we can bring and share, gives us, and those we touch, inspiration and comfort, and so it is necessary to invest time in ourselves, without guilt or apology.

And after having completed my studies, I decided not to return to the United States.  I felt another challenge beckoning, and so remained in Europe doing something which my peers from my prior life, would have found difficult to understand – teach.

For someone with “my potential”, and “track record”, it would be considered under utilizing my talents, regardless as to whether it was something I really enjoyed.

And so I chose to take a path that both satisfied and challenged me – by living in a non-native English speaking country.  Of course, I understand that this “decision” to stay in Europe was also another piece of my life puzzle which had already been planned, but of which I was not consciously aware of at the time.

Coming “Home” Again

My point in retelling this addresses my earlier “pieces of the puzzle” situation.

While the individual pieces may not themselves be distinguishing, like the various chapters, and phases of our lives.  It is the more complete picture, highlighting the common threads, the uniqueness, and emotional substance, that can allow for the puzzle to be revealed in full and vivid color.

It is clear to me now upon review and reflection, that none of my life experience was coincidental.  (It is possible however that the 9/11 attacks affected the timeline(s) in some ways.)

As the human aspect of a multidimensional being with some leadership role in our current transformation, the preparation has been ideal.

Confirming the benefit of a life-long connection and guidance, consciously aware or not, from my highest self, which I now embody.

While this may also bring forth the question of “who” really directed the life path, you believed “you”, as your human self chose, it is also more evidence that the separation you may have believed you had from your higher self, was in fact the illusion.

And I do not believe that I am not alone in this experience.

For me, and many others I suspect, this is the opportunity we have waited lifetimes for.  To be able to use our Creator gifts with access to the higher realms for support and guidance, to actually manifest transformation using our highest ideals in unity consciousness, will truly be a labor of love.

I now pose the question for you. If any of this message has resonated with you, perhaps doing your own review and reflection, if you have not done so already, will clarify your next steps for you.

Those who deny themselves even the consideration that their lives might be “more” than what they may currently see, could be overlooking a possible future that could literally change, and inspire theirs, and others, destinies.

Despite messages from the higher realms that have some believing that they will wake up one day, and all will be magically changed, this is not the case.  Yes, the prevailing energies have changed, and are continuing to do so. But it is more about what we do with these energies.

While there may be technologies long hidden from us, finally made available, that could result in significant improvements to our environment, and fairly quickly change some basic habits and routines for the better, we should temper our expectations.

It has been made clear that we here, in our human incarnations, must be the creators of our new world.  My own writing was to demonstrate that this can be illustrated with the lives and experiences, we have had to prepare us for this.

If you are reading this, it is probable that it is not a coincidence.  And perhaps this writing can hopefully motivate you to recognize how your unique experience, gifts, talents, abilities, and skills, are needed and necessary as well. And to realize and accept that you also have been prepared, for as our multidimensional selves, we already have the experience.

It is also our thoughts and emotions that give this transformation life. It is a time to visualize, and consider our highest ideals of what we want to exist in our 5th dimensional Earth.  Focus on the emotions that you want to feel.  And it is the same with how we fulfill our roles in this transformation process.  It need not be “work”.  We can focus on the emotion that we want to experience, and then create from that space of joy.  It is really possible now, as it was once before.

I know, because I am living it – again.

Being a Human Archangel

I realize now that I did not include a perhaps key piece of information not addressed in the part one of this journey.  How did I know which Archangel I was?

Here, I will include another critical decision I consciously made.  In part one, I mention several times that I was still hesitant to believe what I was being told.  Even if, in fact, all I was told turned out to be true.  And that was beginning to be tiring, both for me, and my guides.

So I made the decision just to trust.  My rational mind, and ego were of course not happy, but I saved much more energy this way.   And as an added plus, the feel of the connection with the higher realms also reflected this new dynamic in a positive way.

With this in mind, I again considered the message about being an Archangel.  As I also wrote in part one, I had been guided to a great book by Doreen Virtue, in which she speaks with various Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints, etc.

And so I was thinking, maybe there was a reason that I had been guided to this book. Although still a bit skeptical, I decided just to review the book again to see if there was some sign for me.

At this point I should also add that I understand that different people, have different ways of knowing when something really resonates with them.  For me, my third eye, and crown chakra feel like they “light up”, in a “pay attention!!” way.

So, I am starting to go through the book, and when I reach Archangel Chamuel, I start to “light up”.  There was no question of it being a coincidence.

What was interesting was that, when I first read this book, and I read all of the “interviews”, I remembered him only vaguely.  With some, I had done the invocations, as they had something to offer me.  Because the invocation for Archangel Chamuel was about “finding something lost”, I did not invoke it, and so the name had not stuck with me.  (But I did briefly think about some people who could really use this type of help).

And since I had already decided to trust the guidance I was receiving, and with my physical reaction, I accepted it.

And then I wanted to read more about this Archangel that I had never heard of.  And when I did, it started to make more sense.  Although not widely attributed to him, “self-discipline”, as well as commerce, to some extent, is within his domain.

One of the key traits about me that has always surprised people is my own self-discipline.  I do not say anything I do not almost literally mean.  I also will not make a commitment that I cannot keep in some way.  No alcohol*, smoking, or drugs in any situation or circumstance, regardless of social or peer pressure.

*(Admittedly, I was advised to use a small amount of alcohol for medicinal purposes before meals, and drinking of water, in a country that I will not name, to stave off any ill health effects – which by the way, proved successful!)

And sometime in 2016, I had a powerful dream in which I saw that “I” was able to redeem souls.  Which makes sense now given Archangel Chamuel as a symbol of Justice, and karma.  As well as supporting solutions that benefit all parties – a peacemaker.

It was shortly after this that I was communicating directly with this highest aspect of “myself”.

And it was his question to me, when I was initially preparing an article about being an Ascended Master, where he asked, “What about me?”, “Do you deny Me?” (Yes, I actually rolled my eyes with the phrasing of this question).

It was the ensuing discussion that led to my first two articles, the first of which he actually had to write through me, as I was not yet ready to do so.

And because I had understood that there can be many aspects of these higher realm beings, I asked if there were any other Archangel Chamuel’s?  I was told that there were not because of the role I was to play, and that I would understand better later on.

Well, now as things have played out, I understand what was meant.  Through another source who channeled Archangel Chamuel spontaneously more recently, my role as his human aspect and representative was confirmed, which was nice to hear.  I also understood from that reading, that it takes a very long time to integrate angelic energy into humans, and that it must be done very slowly and carefully, to avoid any truly detrimental affects to the human.

And now, as this integrated multidimensional being, who is both still human, but also carrying the essence of Archangel Chamuel, I continue with my soul missions, and life purpose, as was intended and planned perhaps many eons ago.

Does it feel strange to walk among others accepting that you are an Archangel in a human body?

As I started to integrate more light, my experiences changed.  I started to discover more wonder with the world around me.  Smiling all of the time, without any external stimulation, has become the norm.  Every morning, I send Creator energy to all of humanity, and others who I am connected to, without fail. I know that this works, and it is both a responsibility and privilege to be able to share it.

I know that in every “now” moment, that I carry the love and light of the Creator to share for mutual benefit for all, and am truly honored and humbled by this. I also know that I am connected to all the conscious creations of the Creator, and non-judgment is completely internalized and instinctive.  My interactions with plants and animals shows that they recognize this energy change.

My meditations are now several hours a day, and I have been given the time to connect in this way. I have been shown, and experienced energetically, more than I could ever imagine, or would share with a mostly disbelieving audience.

And I express gratitude and thanks freely and regularly, understanding that this energy is returned to me as well.

As I have recounted my journey through these writings, and the articles that I have been prompted to prepare, I understand that I am not only sharing this for others, but am also learning.

Though I know that my experience is not unique, through my interactions with others who can identify their respective higher selves, not many have come forward so publicly that I am aware of.

And that really is o.k.  As I have written, as I look back, being in a position of stepping forward when others might not, is not so unusual for me.  This sense that I had a mission or purpose has always been an undercurrent.  Of course, now it is clear why that was.

As I have more clearly reconciled these potential identity issues, the overwhelming sense now is one of providing responsible leadership, and sharing with others what I have experienced and learned, for the benefit of all.

While my human aspect will always be a strong presence, I am seeing the world more through the eyes of an Archangel.  And that is important.

Because as Archangel Chamuel, I am enjoying the wonder of life here, treasuring the connections with others, whom I can more clearly see as their divine selves.  I am also  very much looking forward to the transformation process, and co-creating our New Earth in Unity Consciousness, with Universal Law as a foundation.

I feel the love and light shining through me wherever I go.  In the way others look at me.  It is so nice to be able to spread joy and light in every “now” moment.  To be the bringer of hope and inspiration, and be able to support in fulfilling it.

I cannot imagine a greater gift.  So if this is the “cost” of sharing my journey, and accepting and living my truth as a consciously aware integrated multidimensional being, in the expression of an Archangel in human incarnation, then will gladly abide it.

We should all be so fortunate.  And in our own unique ways, we can be.

In love and light,

Archangel Chamuel

September 20, 2017 James