About Inner Path Wisdom

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Join me on the Inner Path to Wisdom

Leave the chaos of the world behind
and prepare for the
Golden Age, New Earth,
ascension, and disclosures.

Join in the peace, wisdom, and guidance from
the Ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels, and Goddesses,
as well as from our galactic family & friends.

Some information I present on Inner Path Wisdom
is from various sources and is clearly so indicated,
however, increasingly I am including
much of my own writings and information
and eventually this will be the primary focus
of Inner Path Wisdom.

All of my writings and information are presented
in complete service to those who can resonate with,
contemplate on, and appreciate the intent and content therein
and who can thereby raise their own awareness and vibration.

My writings and information are presented
not for debate or for discussion
as none is necessary for those who are
seeking wisdom on the inner path

—you must eventually go within to find your own awakening.
I simply present a catalyst and energize the spark.

The Flame is one, the sparks are many … let the spark ignite,
then we can glow as one in resonance.

* * *
My “Ancient Wisdom Chronicles”
will provide a foundation for much
writing and information that will eventually follow.

As you read along you will come to realize that
this story is in many ways for and about
all of humanity.

Come for the adventure
and maybe you will find something
to inspire you on your own
Inner Path to Wisdom.


You may enjoy perusing the main menu
with its many categories of topics
relevant to our global times,

Some postings will appeal to seekers,
or simply to the curious, or some maybe to healers,
or to those who have other specific interests.

One unifying factor is the spreading of Love and Light.
Use your own discretion and choose those postings
that appeal to your comfort zone,
or maybe challenge yourself
and expand your awareness
into new vistas.

Always use your discernment
and know from within
that which feels right
to accept, discard, or save for later.

You will find here something for everyone and room for all
as there is much to know and much to do
as we venture together to embrace
the Golden Age.

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