Forces of Light and Dark – Ascension Update

artist not known - please inform
      For an update from Sheldan Nidle on planet earth and humanity’s current situation with the forces of light and dark and the current process of ascension, follow the link below, and if you are new to this topic then take time to peruse the source site link listed at the bottom of the posting — all love and light — continue here —>

artist not known – please inform

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Space Commander Zarton: Inter-Galactic Message

artist not known
Third Transmission from Space Commander Zarton Through Sue Lie — Greetings, I am Space Commander Zarton, here within your NOW to share more Inter-galactic information. As you may, or may not know, the area of Galactic Space from which I …
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About Dragons: Higher Understanding

Ancient Wisdom Chronicles - Dragon -- artist -

There is much variety of human beings and there are many varieties of other beings who have lived on planet earth throughout time.

The link below will take you to a message that explains the nature and habits of dragons, a group of very interesting and wonderful beings who are now living in the higher realms and will certainly make a return to planet earth as humanity ascends to a higher understanding, acceptance, and love for all the variety of humans as well as for all the various types of beings who inhabited the earth in times before there was danger from misguided human behavior .  To read a message from the Dragon Realm–  continue here —>


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Mary Magdalene: Joyful News

the Reunion of Mary - artist: AnnelieSolis.comI am Mary Magdalene and I come today with joyful news. Big things have happened on Earth and there is now an opportunity for humanity to feel a little better. …. continue here


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Yeshua/Jesus: The Truth Behind Homosexuality – via Victoria Cochran

Dear Ones,
there is much debate around the world about the morality of same-sex marriage. The idea of two people from the same sex being in love and having sexual relations is abhorrent to many and Christian religions reject it outright as a sin and a travesty of major proportions. It is easy to reject anything in the name of …   continue reading —>

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Galactic Federation Update: Hawaii, Alaska, Orion

In the moment-to-moment planetary ascension phase unfolding rapidly into this year, we’ve been asked to share a message from a meeting of Galactic Federation star families on a planet of Betelgeuse, the red star of the Orion constellation. …..  continue here

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Commander Zarton: Message from Space (part II)

Inner Path Wisdom - artist not knownGreetings,
I am Zarton

I return to you, the awakened members of Earth, to tell you about my Starship. Some may call it a space ship, as it moves through space. However, I call it a Starship, as it comes from the Stars.  continue reading here —->

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Sirius the Star: with Great Anticipation

Inner Path Wisdom - Sirius - original source not known - CYKy28kWAAEGAotAll the inhabitants of the galaxy are now waiting with great joy and eagerness for Earth’s return as well as all your friends and families. You are the object for a great interest and engagement now dear friends – the greatest that has ever been on this side of the galaxy.  …. read article here

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Lioness Heart Vision

Inner Path Wisdom - artist not knownOn this singular morning of this new year, the view behind the shades of outer worlds reveals formations of shadow and light creating an image of two pillars erected high against a night sky. And there in the foreground is a lioness sitting between the pillars with her gaze and body facing forward, holding guard, and eager to transmit this message: continue here

artist: Sherri Reeve
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Arcturian Council: Interpreting Reality

sriyantraFrom our galactic neighbors, — the Arcturian Council’s perspective

“Here is what we invite you to do instead of maintaining your interpretation of reality. We suggest that you see your waking life as being …..” continuing reading here

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